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ERIKS Deutschland GmbH, Germany

The philosophy of the ERIKS group is to be a leading, distribution company, serving all sectors of industry with an extensive range of high-quality mechanical engineering components and related technical and logistics services, as well as know-how regarding its products and applications. The ERIKS more

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  • Water compresses under a high gradient electric field

    Modern civilization relies on water's incompressibility--it's something we take for granted. Hydraulic systems harness the virtual non-compressibility of fluids like water or oil to multiply mechanical force. Bulldozers, cranes, and other heavy machinery exploit the physics of hydraulics, as do auto more

  • Oil change due? Optimal date is to be determined during normal operation

    If lubricants and hydraulic fluids in construction machines, airplanes or industrial installations are used too long, gears and other components can be heavily damaged. On the other hand, each oil change especially for large equipment is time consuming and expensive. Engineers at Saarland University more

  • Danfoss changes its business structure

    Greater focus on Danfoss’ core businesses and core competencies, and creating opportunities for more targeted development activities and less bureaucracy: these are the targets of the new business structure which Danfoss will implement with effect from January 1, 2010. The former three divisions wil more

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Thermal hydraulics

Thermal hydraulics Thermal hydraulics is the study of hydraulic flow in thermal systems. A common example is steam generation in power plant s and the associated energy transfer to mechanical motion and the change of states of the water wh ... more


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