26-Jan-2001 -

Almost 50 participants for the SolVin Award for PVC Innovation

olVin launched an innovation contest on and around PVC. All over Europe, almost 50 Companies, Individuals or Academic Institutions already announced they would apply.

Innovations proposed till now are for new applications for construction, esthetical improvements, additives for PVC. Companies that specialised in the recycling of PVC also compete.

Paul Neu, President of SolVin: " When we decided to launch that contest we really did not know what would be the impact of this innovative idea, but now we are happy of the openness and of the enthusiasm all actors of the PVC value chain show. PVC has really a strong future ahead".

The SolVin Award for PVC Innovation offers 100.000 EUR prizes and it is open to Processors, Recyclers, Individuals, Universities. The Innovations should have a link with PVC: additives, processing machines, and composites. They should contribute to the positive image of PVC and bring an improvement to the existing products. It can be under development or be available on the market since 1st January 2000.

Application forms should enter by 30th April 2001. Awards will be given October 2001 at Kunststoffmesse (Düsseldorf). The rules and the application forms are available online.

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