28-Feb-2003 - Degussa AG

Degussa Investing EUR 25 Million in "Advanced Nanomaterials"

Degussa AG, Dusseldorf, is strengthening its nanotechnology activities. It is transferring its former Nanomaterials Project House into the independent internal start-up Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials. The new unit is to produce innovative nanomaterials and tap into new business segments in attractive markets. Like the former Nanomaterials Project House, the head office of Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials is located in the Hanau-Wolfgang Industrial Park. The internal corporate venture, which currently employs a staff of 20, aims to establish itself as a profitable business entity with new products by 2006. The Degussa corporate venture company Creavis Technologies & Innovation and the Degussa Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit are providing up to EUR 25 million over the next four years to help achieve this aim.

Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials will be bringing production capacities on line by the ton as early as summer this year in Hanau-Wolfgang. In addition, the internal start-up has at its disposal pilot production facilities that were developed by the Project House. These will enable nanomaterials to be produced with a capacity of several 100 kgs. The first products that Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials will be bringing on the market are nano-scale zinc oxide, cerium oxide and indium tin oxide for the cosmetics, electronics, optics, coatings and paint industries. Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials will develop tailor-made products for its customers in cooperation with leading companies in these target markets. Further new nanomaterials are in the pipeline.

The successful research work carried out by the Degussa Nanomaterials Project House is being commercially exploited in the internal start-up, Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials. This Project House has now successfully brought its work to conclusion - as planned - after three years' duration. The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research provided more than EUR 6 million in funds to the Project House. Degussa began the research project, which is to date unique in the chemicals industry, on January 1, 2000, in order to develop new nanomaterials and manufacturing technologies in collaboration with a number of universities and colleges.

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