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Next generation material that adapts to its history

Responsive material changes its behaviour based on earlier conditions


Inspired by living systems, researchers at Aalto University have developed a new material that changes its electrical behaviour based on previous experience, effectively giving it a basic form of adaptive memory. Such adaptive materials could play a vital role in the next generation of medical ...


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Tapping hidden visual information: An all-in-one detector for thousands of colours

A new chip from Aalto University researchers puts photonic information at our fingertips


Spectrometers are widely used throughout industry and research to detect and analyse light. Spectrometers measure the spectrum of light – its strength at different wavelengths, like the colours in a rainbow – and are an essential tool for identifying and analysing specimens and materials. ...


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Nanoplastics can move up the food chain from plants to insects and from insects to fish

Novel, metallic fingerprint-based technique to detect and measure nanoplastics in organisms


A new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows that lettuce can take up nanoplastics from the soil and transfer them into the food chain. The concern about plastic pollution has become widespread after it was realised that mismanaged plastics in the environment break down into smaller ...


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A greener route to blue

A new method drastically reduces the amount of solvent needed to produce widely used organic dyes


Organic, i.e. carbon-containing dyes have important roles in nature. For example, they are responsible for transporting oxygen and other gases in the body (as part of haemoglobin) and converting solar energy into chemical energy in photosynthesis (chlorophyll). One class of artificial organic ...


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Stora Enso and Northvolt partner to develop wood-based batteries


Stora Enso and Northvolt are joining forces to create sustainable batteries using lignin-based hard carbon produced with renewable wood from the Nordic forests. The aim is to develop the world’s first industrialised battery featuring anode sourced entirely from European raw materials, lowering ...


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Moments of silence point the way towards better superconductors

Temporal patterns could show us how to reduce noise in superconductor devices


High-precision measurements have provided important clues about processes that impair the efficiency of superconductors. Future work building on this research could offer improvements in a range of superconductor devices, such quantum computers and sensitive particle detectors. Superconductivity ...


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Stora Enso's wood-based battery material wins Metsä360 award

As a material for lithium-ion batteries, lignin has the potential to radically transform traditional industries


Stora Enso's bio-based battery material Lignode® by Stora Enso has won the Metsä360 award in Finland. The EUR 30000 prize, funded by the Marjatta and Eino Kolli Foundationwas granted for the second time, was announced at the Lahti Science Day on 18 November 2021. The jury concluded that the ...


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Creating solar cells and glass from wood – or a billion tons of biowaste

Researchers map out how biomass from plants could replace unrenewable resources in optical applications


A digital, urbanised world consumes huge amounts of raw materials that could hardly be called environmentally friendly. One promising solution may be found in renewable raw materials, according to research published in Advanced Materials. In their paper, the international research group has taken ...


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Non-toxic technology extracts more gold from ore

New chloride-based process recovers 84% of gold compared to the 64% recovered with traditional methods


Gold is one of the world’s most popular metals. Malleable,conductiveand non-corrosive, it’s used in jewelry, electronics, and even space exploration. But traditional gold production typically involves a famous toxin, cyanide, which has been banned for industrial use in several countries. The ...


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New high-speed method for spectroscopic measurements


Researchers at Tampere University and their collaborators have shown how spectroscopic measurements can be made much faster. By correlating polarization to the colour of a pulsed laser, the team can track changes in the spectrum of the light by simple and extremely fast polarization measurements. ...


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