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BASF and Evogene sign collaboration agreement

Discovery and development of new herbicides


BASF and Evogene Ltd. announced the signing of a three-year collaboration for the discovery and development of novel herbicides. Under the terms of agreement, Evogene will utilize its biology-driven computational discovery approach to identify potential candidate chemicals for novel herbicides. ...


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Reversible Writing with Light

Self-assembling nanoparticles take their cues from their surroundings


The medium is the message. Dr. Rafal Klajn of the Weizmann Institute's Organic Chemistry Department and his group have given new meaning to this maxim: A method they have now demonstrated for getting nanoparticles to self-assemble focuses on the medium in which the particles are suspended; these ...


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Merck To Fully Acquire Israeli Quantum Materials Company Qlight Nanotech


Merck announced that it is acquiring the remaining stake in Qlight Nanotech Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel, and will hold 100% of the company. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. “The acquisition of Qlight Nanotech perfectly fits into our innovation strategy. We have set the basic ...


Nano-sized chip "sniffs out" explosives far better than trained dogs

Tel Aviv University researcher's groundbreaking sensor detects miniscule concentrations of hazardous materials in the air


Security forces worldwide rely on sophisticated equipment, trained personnel, and detection dogs to safeguard airports and other public areas against terrorist attacks. A new electronic chip with nano-sized chemical sensors is about to make their job much easier. The groundbreaking ...



A measuring device for superconductors breaks world records


Weizmann Institute scientists have taken a quantum leap toward understanding the phenomenon known as superconductivity: They have created the world’s smallest SQUID – a device used to measure magnetic fields – which has broken the world record for sensitivity and resolution. Superconductivity is ...


Merck Increases its Stake in Qlight Nanotech


Merck announced that it has increased its stake in the Jerusalem-based company Qlight Nanotech, which develops products for advanced displays and energy-efficient lighting. The Israeli start-up was formed as a spin-off of Yissum, the technology transfer company of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. ...


BGU researchers invent green alternative to crude oil

Researchers at the Blechner Center have developed a revolutionary process to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into a green feed that can be refined into renewable liquid fuels


A replacement for oil hasbecome a burning need in the 21st century. Ben-Gurion University ofthe Negev researchers have invented a process to make a green feed alternativefor crude oil out of two of the most common substances on Earth – water andcarbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas ...


Simple synthesis of heavy oxygen-labelled alcohols


Research reports a novel and extremely simple method for synthesising 18O-labelled alcohols using commercial boronic acids and a reagent prepared from elemental fluorine. Alcohols labelled with 18O are very valuable as biological probes for a variety of studies which are often limited by the ...


Gold nanoparticles reveal fingerprints


Gold nanoparticles capped with mercaptocarboxylic acids, followed by silver precipitation, have been used to develop latent fingerprints on paper as high quality negative images. Scientists say that the effect stems from hydrogen bonding between the carboxylic group and the paper ...


Causing collapse

Weizmann Institute researchers suggest one can affect an atom's spin by adjusting the way it is measured


One of the most basic laws of quantum mechanics is that a system can be in more than one state – it can exist in multiple realities – at once. This phenomenon, known as the superposition principle, exists only so long as the system is not observed or measured in any way. As soon as such a system ...


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