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Flax and yellow flowers can produce bioethanol


Surplus biomass from the production of flax shives, and generated from Brassica carinata, a yellow-flowered plant related to those which engulf fields in spring, can be used to produce bioethanol. This has been suggested by two studies carried out by Spanish and Dutch researchers and published in ...


BASF consolidates its European capacities for XSB paper coating binders

XSB latex production in Guturribay (Spain), Kaipiainen (Finland) and Ribécourt (France) to close by mid-2010


BASF’s paper chemicals division will close production of XSB (carboxylated styrol butadiene) paper coating binders at its sites in Guturribay (Spain), Kaipiainen (Finland) and Ribécourt (France) by mid-2010. This represents a reduction of about 40%, or 310KT, of the company’s total XSB capacity ...


New antioxidant compounds have been identified in foods such as olive oil, honey and nuts


Scientists at the University of Granada have identified and characterized for the first time different antioxidant compounds from foods such as olive oil, honey, walnuts and a medicinal herb called Teucrium polium. They have used two new techniques, capillary electrophoresis and high resolution ...


Dow Powder Coatings moves to a new location in Onda (Castellón), Spain


Dow Powder Coatings announces its upcoming move to a brand new site in Onda (Castellón) within the vicinity of the current production location. As Xavier Susterac, General Manager Europe for Dow Powder Coatings, states: “Despite the challenges of the current economic climate, we are ...


Researchers establish equations that maximise the production of bio products from pruning waste of olive trees


Researchers at Jaen University (UJA) have found a mathematical method that enables them to take more efficient advantage of pruning waste from olive trees to produce bio products, such as ethanol and xilitol. The model, which was designed by the Bioprocesses Group at UJA, led by Alberto J. Moya ...


UPO Scientist increase the efficiency of a type of solar cell by incorporating ionic salts


Within the Consolider HOPE project (projects funded by the Ministry of Innovation and Science), a group of scientists at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), headed by Juan Antonio Anta, are working on the optimisation of a type of photovoltaic cell (Grätzel cell) that artificially mimics ...


University of the Basque Country researcher makes progress in optimizing solid oxide fuel cells


While our standard of life increases, so does the worldwide energy demand. In this vein, the application of technologies based on fuel cells is put forward as an alternative to the massive consumption of fossil fuels. One of the fuel cells of greatest current interest is the solid oxide one. The ...


Researchers from University of Huelva (UHU) apply an ecological process to get Ibuprofen from oil


The Compuestos de Coordinación y Organometálicos group of the University of Huelva is designing ecological catalysts to get important products such as adhesives, textiles and products with pharmacological, antibiotic or insecticide properties from hydrocarbons, that is, organic molecules derived ...


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Bridging the gap


Scientists from Spain and Germany have shown electron transfer through extended tetrathiafulvalene bridges in electron donor-acceptor conjugates. Nazario Martín and colleagues from Universidad Complutense, Madrid and Dirk Guldi and his team from the University of Erlangen have worked together to ...


Discovery of the adherence mechanism of red algae to the rock


Geologists of the University of Granada - UGR have successfully described for the first time ever the biological mechanism that explains how calcareous red algae grow on rocky substrates. This finding allows us to know the physiology of this type of algae better and explains an existing paradox ...


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