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Gold solution to catalysis grand challenge

Researchers demonstrate the suitability of gold as a catalyst to produce methanol and acetic acid from the methane in natural gas


A simple, low-cost method of directly converting natural gas into useful chemicals and fuels, using the precious metal gold as a key ingredient, has been proposed by researchers at Cardiff University in collaboration with researchers in Lehigh University, USA and the National Centre for Magnetic ...


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Garlic ingredient from the lab bench

Total synthesis of ajoene, a biologically active component in oil extracts of garlic


Fresh garlic extracts contain a variety of healthy organosulfur compounds, among which ajoene forms a major oil-extractable ingredient. Now, chemists in the United Kingdom have synthesized ajoene from readily available components for the first time. The results show that ajoene is accessible on a ...


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Direct conversion of methane to methanol

Catalyzed by gold-palladium nanoparticles


Liquid methanol is widely used as a feedstock for other chemicals and also has considerable potential as an alternative fuel source. However, converting methane--the primary component of abundant natural gas--into methanol is currently achieved by an indirect process which requires high heat and ...


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Scientists unlock 'green' energy from garden grass

Garden grass could become a source of cheap and clean renewable energy


A team of UK researchers, including experts from Cardiff University's Cardiff Catalysis Institute, have shown that significant amounts of hydrogen can be unlocked from fescue grass with the help of sunlight and a cheap catalyst. It is the first time that this method has been demonstrated and ...


Researchers take giant step towards 'holy grail' of silicon photonics


A group of researchers from the UK, including academics from Cardiff University, has demonstrated the first practical laser that has been grown directly on a silicon substrate. It is believed the breakthrough could lead to ultra-fast communication between computer chips and electronic systems and ...


Clara-Immerwahr-Award for Dr. Jennifer K. Edwards


The Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” (UniCat) will be presenting Jennifer K. Edwards of Cardiff University with the 2013 Clara Immenwahr Award at the Technische Universität Berlin. Dr. Edwards is being honored for her outstanding contributions to the direct synthesis of ...


Catalyzing new uses for diesel by-products

A new catalytic process could convert by-products of diesel production into more useful chemicals for industry


A new catalytic process discovered at Cardiff University could unleash a range of useful new by-products from diesel fuel production. More sustainable production of sulphur-free diesel from natural gas and biomass is increasing. However the by-products, hydrocarbons like decane and other low ...


A glimpse into the unknown


Philip Davies and colleagues from the University of Cardiff, Wales and other collaborators from the UK have used X-ray absorption spectroscopy to directly probe the active site within molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). MIPs are used in applications that require antibody-type recognition, ...


Scientists peel away the mystery behind gold's catalytic prowess

Bilayer clusters of atoms less than a nanometer in dimension are found to be responsible for a vital oxidation reaction


Few materials have exercised as much of a hold on the human imagination, or on human history, as has gold. But for all of its popular uses – money, medals, jewelry and more – gold's potential as a catalyst lay hidden until the 1980s, when Masatake Haruta and Graham Hutchings independently ...


Dow Chemical Awards "Methane Challenge" Grants to Cardiff and Northwestern Universities


The Dow Chemical Company announced that Cardiff University and Northwestern University have been awarded research grants which together total over $6.4 million as part of the 2007 Dow Methane Challenge. The challenge was initiated by Dow in March 2007 to identify collaborators and approaches in ...


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