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Crystals Generate Electricity from Heat

A synthetic sulfide mineral with thermoelectric properties


To convert heat into electricity, easily accessible materials from harmless raw materials open up new perspectives in the development of safe and inexpensive so-called thermoelectric materials. A synthetic copper mineral acquires a complex structure and microstructure through simple changes in ...


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Technology to "see" into commercial batteries

Monitoring and studying battery chemistry is crucial to improving battery design


A multidisciplinary research team involving scientists from Collège de France, CNRS, Université Rennes 1 and Université de Montpellier has developed a method to track the chemistry inside a battery, live, and throughout its multiple charges and discharges. Presented in Nature Energy on November ...


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Harvesting metal catalysts from plants used for cleaning contaminated soils

“Ecocatalyst” researcher Claude Grison wins European Inventor Award 2022


The European Patent Office honoured French scientist Claude Grison with the European Inventor Award 2022 in the "Research" category. The University professor and research director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) has developed a method of using plants to extract metal ...


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Towards new degradable polymers

Their degradation in water is much faster than that of reference polymers


Although plastics are very versatile in their uses, they pose a major problem: their degradation. Most of them take a long time to decompose in nature. In a new study published in Nature Communications, a research team from the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay has developed new polymers ...


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Arkema, CNRS, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and CPE Lyon join forces to design the batteries of the future

Improving the performance of materials used in lithium-ion and lithium-sulfur batteries is a priority to meet portable energy needs


An increasingly large share of portable energy needs will be supplied by mobile energy storage devices, such as lithium-ion batteries. Arkema, CNRS, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and CPE Lyon have just created iHub Poly-9. This joint laboratory will be dedicated to the design of new ...


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New materials for storing flammable industrial gases


How do I store more, and better? This summarizes the challenge of transporting flammable gases. To ensure industrial safety, these gases must be handled at defined temperature and pressure conditions that do not allow for optimal storage and release cycles. Existing porous materials can ...


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Can diamonds originate methane?

“It is well known that the decomposition of methane may bring to diamond formation. What was less known until now is that the opposite process is also possible”


Turning one of the world's finest gems - diamonds – into one of the worst greenhouse gases – methane - does not seem a great idea. Yet this happened through the work of a group of researchers from the Universities of Bologna and Edinburgh (UK), the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique ...


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Towards next-generation molecule-based magnets

New lightweight molecule-based magnet, produced at low temperatures, and exhibiting unprecedented magnetic properties


Magnets are to be found everywhere in our daily lives, whether in satellites, telephones or on fridge doors. However, they are made up of heavy inorganic materials whose component elements are, in some cases, of limited availability. Now, researchers from the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux and ...


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Secret messages hidden in light-sensitive polymers


DNA is a long chemical sequence that carries genetic information. Inspired by this biological system, in recent years many research teams have been exploring how to store and then decode information within synthetic macromolecules, also called polymers. In a leap forward in this field, ...


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For a Better Contrast

Rare earth orthoferrite LnFeO3 nanoparticles for bioimaging


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has emerged as one of the most powerful clinical imaging tools because of its superb spatial resolution and soft tissue contrast, especially when using contrast agents. In the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, scientists have presented a new kind of ...


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