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Study shows that ingestion of microplastics alters gut microbiota

CSIC researchers have discovered that the digestion of microplastics can decrease the amount of beneficial bacteria present in the colon.


A group of researchers from the CSIC has discovered that the ingestion of microplastics reduces the bacterial diversity of the microbiota of the colon, in addition to producing an alteration of the balance in the microorganisms present. The study, published in Scientific Reports, has shown that ...


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A new zeolitic catalyst with potential industrial applications in propylene production

The new crystalline material is stable at high temperatures


Researchers at the Institute of Chemical Technology, a joint centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, have developed a new zeolitic catalyst stable at high temperatures that could have industrial applications in the production of ...


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A plastic-eating caterpillar


Generally speaking, plastic is incredibly resistant to breaking down. That's certainly true of the trillion polyethylene plastic bags that people use each and every year. But researchers reporting in Current Biology on April 24 may be on track to find a solution to plastic waste. The key is a ...


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A novel inorganic material emitting laser light in solution is discovered

The work could help reducing the cost and environmental impact of liquid lasers


The work, published in Nature Communications, demonstrates that the new material presents efficient and degradation-resistant laser emission in the blue, a spectral region of interest in applications such as spectroscopy or materials processing, among others.The first laser was developed in 1960 ...


Highly efficient catalyst for sun-powered hydrogen production


Research reports a highly efficient catalyst that enables an industrial reaction to produce hydrogen to be carried out at ambient temperature using only the power of sunlight. Hydrogen has generated a great deal of interest as a clean and efficient energy alternative to fossil fuels. Scientists ...


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