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More accurate than Heisenberg allows?

Uncertainty in the presence of a quantum memory


A quantum particle is hard to grasp, because one cannot determine all its properties precisely at the same time. Measurements of certain parameter pairs such as position and momentum remain inaccurate to a degree given by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. This is important for the security of ...


Scientists demonstrate multibeam, multi-functional lasers

Adaptable technology opens the door to a wide range of applications in chemical detection, climate monitoring and communications


An international team of applied scientists from Harvard, Hamamatsu Photonics, and ETH Zürich have demonstrated compact, multibeam, and multi-wavelength lasers emitting in the invisible part of the light spectrum (infrared). By contrast, typical lasers emit a single light beam of a well-defined ...


Glacial melting may release pollutants in the environment


Those pristine-looking Alpine glaciers now melting as global warming sets in may explain the mysterious increase in persistent organic pollutants in sediment from certain lakes since the 1990s, despite decreased use of those compounds in pesticides, electric equipment, paints and other products. ...


Is trash the solution to tackling climate change?

Waste-based biofuel could cut global emissions by over 80 percent


Converting the trash that fills the world's landfills into biofuel may be the answer to both the growing energy crisis and to tackling carbon emissions, claim scientists in Singapore and Switzerland. New research published in Global Change Biology: Bioenergy, reveals how replacing gasoline with ...


Molecules on a string, and why size isn't the only thing that matters for data storage

Physicists get a grip on slippery molecules, and learn how the shape of nanoscopic magnetic islands affect data storage


Molecules of hydrogen are difficult to steer with electric fields because of the symmetrical way that charges are distributed within them. But now researchers at ETH Zurich have found a clever technique to get a grip on the molecules. Their findings are reported in Physical Review Letters and ...


Discovery of ionic elemental crystal against chemical intuition

New phase of elemental boron discovered


An ETH Zurich researcher has developed a computational method for predicting the structure of materials. He used it to solve the structure of a newly synthesized form of pure boron that displays some unusual physical properties and brings a surprise: it is partially ionic. The new structure can ...


ETH Zurich spin-offs: survival and high returns

New book details economic impact of ETH Zurich spin-offs


ETH Zurich spin-offs create more jobs, have higher survival rates, attract more funding and provide higher returns on equity than the average of all Swiss start-ups, a recent study reveals. The study looked at 130 ETH Zurich spin-offs from 1998 to 2007. For their MSc in Finance thesis at the ...


ETH Zurich and the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory - strategic partnership in nanotechnology


ETH Zurich and the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (ZRL) have today announced the establishment of a strategic partnership in nanotechnology. The two partner institutions will operate a new, common nanotech laboratory, which will be built on the ZRL campus. The new building inludes cutting-edge ...


Nacre-like structure from reinforced polymers


Strong, tough but light is the desired combination of properties for numerous applications but one that is rarely found in artificial materials. Now researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a new nacre-like composite that is twice the strength of naturally-occuring nacre. Stronger ceramic ...


ThalesNano and ETH Zurich Collaborate on Flow Chemistry Technologies


ThalesNano announced collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) on flow chemistry applications. The agreement will focus on the application of chemistries and technologies utilizing ThalesNano's products to solve difficult chemistry applications. Dr. Laszlo ...


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