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Scientific misconduct in publishing

Imposing discipline on deception


Unethical behaviour in science is a long and dishonourable story. And it is continually being updated. As recently as 2006, the international scientific community was deeply shaken when the South Korean stem-cell researcher, Hwang Woo Suk, was found to have fabricated his research evidence, ...


New method reveals substances on surfaces of any kind


ETH Zurich researchers have developed a new method that allows even the surfaces of living organisms to be examined quickly and simply. The method opens up interesting new possibilities not only in medicine but also in foodstuffs monitoring. The new procedure of analysis represents a further ...


Novel synthesis technique wins Ciba Specialty Chemicals R&D Award 2006

Process improves safety, efficiency and environmental impact of photoinitiator production


An interdisciplinary team received the Ciba Specialty Chemicals R&D Award 2006 for developing a new synthesis technique that makes photoinitiator production safer, more efficient and environmentally more sustainable. The key advance involves reacting a phosphorus-derived starting material with ...


Chemical Industry Celebrates Innovation of 2002 Nobel Prize Winners

New Revolutionary Chemical Methods Vital to Developing Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing Methods and Diagnosing Cancers


The chemical industry congratulates the 2002 recipients of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their seminal work in developing powerful new analytical methods for studying biological "big molecules," or macromolecules, such as proteins in and out of their natural environment. These breakthroughs ...


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