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From a greenhouse gas to an industrial raw material


Rather than being released into the atmosphere and exacerbating the problem of climate change, CO2 can also be used as a raw material for substances required in industrial processes, such as formic acid or methanol. The conversion of CO2 has already been investigated in detail in laboratory ...


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Microlab on a chip: Water please, but clean

A further developed chip prototype for water analysis devices


A microfluidic chip takes up a water sample, adds the necessary chemicals and transports it to the detection site. What's the point? In this way, the water is to be analyzed fully automatically and with various parameters, and at the lowest possible cost. A further developed chip prototype for ...


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The world’s first high-temperature ammonia-powered fuel cell for shipping

When used as fuel for ships with electric engines, ammonia is as eco-friendly as hydrogen, but easier and safer to handle


Every year, hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted through maritime transport, causing serious harm to the climate. As scientists around the world test new propulsion methods capable of replacing fuel oil in ships, Fraunhofer researchers are working as part of an international ...


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Microreactor for synthesis with Grignard reagents

Continuous process control: faster, safer, cleaner


In 1912, Victor Grignard was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of what came to be known as Grignard reagents. Since then, these compounds have come to play a key role in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Now, in a development by Fraunhofer researchers, a new type of ...


Improved competitiveness through process intensification for the chemical industry

EU project COPIRIDE under coordination of IMM begins


The project COPIRIDE, partly funded by the EU Seventh framework programme for research and technological development, started. This project develops new technologies, processes and manufacturing concepts for the “plant of the future”. Thereby, not only an improvement of the efficiency and ...


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