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Industrial Mass Production without Negative Impacts

Produce electrolysers without negative impacts on the environment


The electrolyser producer Enapter has set itself the goal of developing its entire production process to run without negative impacts on the environment. As an important step on this journey, it is building the Enapter Campus production facility, which will be powered entirely from renewable ...


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Processing renewable raw materials instead of crude oil in refineries

BioMates runs validation-scale production


In the EU-funded project BioMates, the overall production process is now established and running on a validation scale. After producing 1000 kilograms of bio-oil in a test facility for the first time last year, this was another important step for achieving the project’s goal to establish a ...


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Redox flow batteries: A step toward the mass market

Lighter, smaller and more cost-effective


Redox flow batteries are perfect for storing large quantities of renewable energy, but they have always been too expensive for the mass market. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT have now completely redesigned the heart of a redox flow ...


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Will ships run more environmentally friendly in the future?

Environmentally friendly fuels for shipping: biogenic additives


There is movement in the fuel market for ocean-going vessels. Targets to reduce ex-haust emissions require new sustainable ways of producing diesel and heavy fuel oil. What could these paths look like? What are the new raw materials? Researchers at Fraunhofer UMSICHT succeeded in mapping the ...


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Biofuel for ships

Diesel and gasoline sourced from renewables produces a lot less greenhouse gas


The combustion of conventional fossil fuels accounts for a large share of global CO2 emissions. A great deal of criticism is levelled against cruise and merchant ships for polluting the environment with sooty waste gas and toxic heavy fuels. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for ...


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Fuel and chemicals from steel plant exhaust gases


Carbon monoxide-rich exhaust gases from steel plants are only being reclaimed to a minor extent as power or heat. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new recycling process for this materially unused carbon resource: They successfully produced fuel and specialty chemicals from these exhaust ...


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Finding valuable materials in metallurgical dumps


When it comes to important raw materials, Germany is dependent on imports - a situation that government and industry would love to change. Could we possibly have buried things in dumps that we could still use? Might the blast-furnace slag, converter dust, or blast-furnace gas sludge deposited in ...


„UMSICHT“ science award goes to a Dresden scientist for Organic Solar Cells

Jan Meiß developed transparent organic solar cells with high efficiency


On 4th July 2012 the UMSICHT scientific award 2012 was awarded to the scientist Jan Meiß for his dissertation „New Material Concepts for Organic Solar Cells“. The award was presented to him in Oberhausen by Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Grönemeyer, Chairman of the Wissenschaftsforum Ruhr e.V., who ...


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Defective plastics repair themselves


Indestructible things are a figment of the imagination of advertising. Even plastic components that have to stand up to major mechanical loads can break. The reason for this are microcracks that may be found in any component part. Researchers have now come up with elastic polymers that heal ...


Impregnating plastics with carbon dioxide


Everyone has heard that carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming. But the gas also has some positive characteristics. Researchers are now impregnating plastics with compressed CO2 in a process that could lead to new applications ranging from colored contact lenses to bacteria-resistant ...


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