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Fast charging over 10,000 cycles: Harvard engineers’ solid-state battery technology points to a leap in performance and reliability

Startup granted technology license from Harvard to scale innovative lithium-metal battery technology for commercial deployment


Harvard’s Office of Technology Development has granted an exclusive technology license to Adden Energy, Inc., a startup developing innovative solid-state battery systems for use in future electric vehicles (EVs) that would fully charge in minutes. Adden Energy has closed a seed round with $5.15M ...


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Breaking the black box of catalytic reactions

Research offers new understanding of complex catalysis, advances catalyst design


Many of the catalytic reactions that drive our modern world happen in an atomic black box. Scientists know all the components that go into a reaction, but not how they interact at an atomic level. Understanding the reaction pathways and kinetics of catalytic reactions at the atomic scale is ...


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Elastic polymer that is both stiff and tough, resolves long-standing quandary

More sustainable, long-lasting polymer materials could decrease consumption of plastics


Polymer science has made possible rubber tires, Teflon and Kevlar, plastic water bottles, nylon jackets among many other ubiquitous features of daily life. Elastic polymers, known as elastomers, can be stretched and released repeatedly and are used in applications such as gloves and heart valves, ...


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A long-lasting, stable solid-state lithium battery

Researchers demonstrate a solution to a 40-year problem


Long-lasting, quick-charging batteries are essential to the expansion of the electric vehicle market, but today's lithium-ion batteries fall short of what's needed -- they're too heavy, too expensive and take too long to charge. For decades, researchers have tried to harness the potential of ...


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Wool-like material can remember and change shape

Material could be used in smart textiles, medical devices and more


As anyone who has ever straightened their hair knows, water is the enemy. Hair painstakingly straightened by heat will bounce back into curls the minute it touches water. Why? Because hair has shape memory. Its material properties allow it to change shape in response to certain stimuli and return ...


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