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Nano-designed transistors with disordered materials, but high performance


The Holy Grail for transistor designers has been the requirement to be able to get high performance at reduced costs over very large substrate areas. Transistors on cheap and flexible substrates like glass and plastics are currently unable to deliver such performance and therefore do not lend ...


Sasol orders new reactor as part of Synfuels expansion to meet SA growing demand for fuel


Sasol confirmed that it had awarded a contract to Japanese manufacturer, Hitachi Zosen Mechanical Corporation (HMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen Corporation, to construct a Sasol Advanced Synthol (SAS) reactor. The new SAS reactor is needed for Sasol to increase its 150,000 ...


Hitachi and Takeda to Establish "Hitachi Inspharma, Ltd." for Information System Support for Takeda


Hitachi, Ltd. and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited announced that both parties established a joint venture "Hitachi Inspharma, Ltd." for information system support in which Hitachi and Takeda owns 66% and 34% shares respectively. The newly established company will start its operation on ...


Basic Patent Granted for Hitachi Chemical's CMP Slurry Based on Self-activated Cerium Oxide Particles


Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. has obtained a basic patent of its CMP slurry which is based on self-activated cerium oxide particles. When manufacturing semiconductor devices, the slurry allows the unnecessary silicon oxide layer on the wafer to be polished away at high rate with the minimum of ...


Hitachi Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Has Completed a Production Base for Epoxy Molding Compounds for Semiconductors


Hitachi Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. , a subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., has completed a production base for epoxy molding compounds for semiconductors in Suzhou Industrial Park to reinforce its semiconductor-related materials business in China. The new facility was established with ...


Electrical Insulating Varnish Production Started in Hitachi Chemical (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd.


Hitachi Chemical (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., has recently started producing coil impregnating varnishes and copper wire enamel varnishes for use in transformers and motors intended for home appliances. The varnishes are being produced at the 8,000 tons / year ...


Hitachi Chemical developed a new, ultrathin and flexible multi-layer PWB base material


Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed a new base material for multi-layer printed wiring boards. The new base material, named "Cute®," is flexible and extremely thin (50 microns or thinner), and will be marketed in earnest from FY 2005. Cute® is manufactured by applying the company's ...


Hitachi Expands Photosensitive Dry Film Production Capacity in China


Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. has decided to expand the photosensitive dry film production capacity of Hitachi Chemical (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., with the aim of boosting the manufacture and sale of the films in China in the printed wiring board market. The company will invest approx.1.6 billion yen in ...


Hitachi Chemicals Transfers Thermoplastic Molding Material Business to UMG


Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. concluded a basic agreement with UMG ABS, Ltd. on the transfer of Hitachi Chemical's thermoplastic molding material business to UMG. Hitachi Chemical has marketed acrylonitrile acrylate styrene (AAS) resins since 1970. AAS resin is a thermoplastic molding material that ...


Hitachi Chemical Acquires Basic Patent for Resist Materials for Manufacturing IC Package Substrates


Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. has acquired a basic patent for resist materials useful for manufacturing IC package substrates, etc. The patent specifies the structure of photosensitive resin compositions in a resist material and parameters such as the film thickness and aspect ratio (ratio of line ...


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