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Eco-friendly electrochemical catalysts using solar cells to harvest energy from the sun


A research team from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and Kanazawa University develops an eco-friendly device that uses solar energy to catalyze an electrochemical oxidation reaction with high efficiency. Green energy sources constitute a hot research field globally because of the ...


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Zero-emission diesel combustion using a non-equilibrium-plasma-assisted MnO2 filter


Diesel engines are widely used in agricultural machinery, vehicles, and ships because of their high thermal efficiency. The sulfur contained in the diesel fuel is oxidized to sulfur dioxide by combustion. This sulfur dioxide not only harms human health but also causes deactivation of the ...


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'Flipped' metal oxide cage can sort CO2 from CO

Spherical vanadium oxide clusters that can trap and hold carbon dioxide


How do you separate carbon dioxide from carbon monoxide? One way, showcased by a new study from Kanazawa University, is to use a bowl of vanadium. More precisely, a hollow, spherical cluster of vanadate molecules can discriminate between CO and CO2, allowing potential uses in CO2 storage and ...


Elucidation of vibration energy of a single molecule in an external force field


A molecule adsorbed on a surface (Figure 1A) vibrates on the surface (Figure 1B). The vibration energy is determined by the mass of the molecule and by the restoring forces exerted on the molecule. The restoring force originates from the interaction within the molecule and with the surface. By ...


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Synergy of two catalysts in one flask

Exploration of a new chemical synthesis process for medications


Most medications, agricultural chemicals and functional materials, indispensable for maintaining and improving our lives, are composed of organic molecules. Organic synthesis using a catalyst is the method for the rapid and large scale supply of such organic molecules without imposing a heavy ...


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Next generation solvent contributes to next generation biofuel production from biomass


The first-generation biofuel, industrialized, ethanol, is produced from foodstuffs like maize, and thus poses great concern about a possible future shortage of food. It is therefore necessary to produce ethanol from non-food biomass like weeds, waste paper, paper cup, etc. (second-generation ...


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High-speed FM-AFM and simulation reveal atomistic dissolution processes of calcite in water


Calcite is one of the most abundant components of the Earth crust, the outer-most layer of the Earth, constituting as the largest carbon reservoir in the global carbon cycle in nature. Thus, large-scale dissolution of calcite would give an enormous impact on the weather, geography, aquatic ...


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