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Encoded metallic nanowires reveal bioweapons

Striped nanowires of silver and gold for parallel detection of various pathogens


When dangerous infectious diseases or biological weapons are suspected, fast help is required. The first step is a reliable, sensitive, and unambiguous, yet also fast and simple, identification of the pathogen; preferably, this test should be carried out on the spot, not in a laboratory. Portable ...


Nanotube membranes offer possibility of cheaper desalination


Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have created a membrane made of carbon nanotubes and silicon that may offer, among many possible applications, a less expensive desalinization. The nanotubes are hollow and more than 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. Billions of these ...


Researchers find metal gets stronger with three or more line dislocations


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have discovered that three is the magic number when it comes to strengthening metals. Since the Iron Age, metallurgists have known that metals such as steel become stronger and harder the more you hit (or beat) on them. But it wasn't always clear ...


New class of metal nitrides could lead to more durable semiconductors


New research shows that a novel class of nitrides made from noble metals can be synthesized under extreme conditions and are likely to have unusual or even unique properties that would be useful in semiconductor, superconductor and corrosion-resistant devices. Historically, transition metal ...


Nano-Probes Allow an Inside Look at Cell Nuclei


Nanotechnology may be in its infancy, but biologists may soon use it to watch the inner workings of a living cell like never before. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a way ...


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