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New catalysts promise faster, cleaner and more efficient research platform

Boston College and MIT researchers detail new class of catalysts


A new class of exceptionally effective catalysts that promote the powerful olefin metathesis reaction has been discovered by a team of Boston College and MIT scientists, opening up a vast new scientific platform to researchers in medicine, biology and materials. The new catalysts can be easily ...


Scientists develop a new technique that allows certain objects to be invisible


A research group of the Departments of Applied Physics and Electromagnetism of the University of Granada (Spain), directed by Professors Jorge Andrés Portí, Alfonso Salinas and Juan Antonio Morente, have taken a step forward with regard to one of mankind's biggest dreams and challenges, often ...


MIT reveals superconducting surprise

A better understanding of material could bring 'endless applications'


MIT physicists have taken a step toward understanding the puzzling nature of high-temperature superconductors, materials that conduct electricity with no resistance at temperatures well above absolute zero. If superconductors could be made to work at temperatures as high as room temperature, they ...


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Explosives at the microscopic scale produce shocking results


U.S. troops blew up enemy bridges with explosives in World War II to slow the advance of supplies or enemy forces. In modern times, patrollers use explosives at ski resorts to purposely create avalanches so the runs are safer when skiers arrive. Other than creating the desired effect (a destroyed ...


MIT gel changes color on demand

Material could lead to fast, inexpensive sensors


MIT researchers have created a new structured gel that can rapidly change color in response to a variety of stimuli, including temperature, pressure, salt concentration and humidity. Among other applications, the structured gel could be used as a fast and inexpensive chemical sensor, says Edwin ...


Microscale Chemical Factory

Flow-through multistep synthesis


Miniaturization is invading the world of chemical syntheses. Since typical chemical syntheses take place in several reaction steps with various separation or purification steps in between, microchemistry has almost always been limited to one-step reactions or sequences of reactions requiring no ...


Buchwald wins Siegfried Medal from University of Zurich


The University of Zurich and Siegfried Ltd announced that Professor Stephen L. Buchwald of Massachusetts Institute of Technology will receive the 2006 Siegfried Medal for his achievements in process chemistry. Professor Buchwald's contributions have effected process chemistry primarily in the ...


DuPont Announces Additional $25 Million Funding for DuPont MIT Alliance


President Susan Hockfield and Provost Robert A. Brownto announced continued funding of the DuPont MIT Alliance (DMA), a research program focused on creating innovative, next-generation materials. Originally funded in 2000 as a five-year, $35 million investment, Connelly announced that DuPont will ...


Smart plastics change shape with light


Picture a flower that opens when facing the sunlight. In work that mimics that sensitivity to light, an MIT engineer and German colleagues have created the first plastics that can be deformed and temporarily fixed in a second, new shape by illumination with light having certain wavelengths. These ...


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