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Artificial photosynthesis uses sunlight to make biodegradable plastic

Synthesis of fumaric acid by a new method of artificial photosynthesis, using sunlight


In recent years, environmental problems caused by global warming have become more apparent due to greenhouse gases such as CO2. In natural photosynthesis, CO2 is not reduced directly, but is bound to organic compounds which are converted to glucose or starch. Mimicking this, artificial ...


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Bayesian inference massively cuts time of X-ray fluorescence analysis!

Saved seconds add up to hours over multiple measurements


How can the component elements of an unknown material, such as a meteorite, be determined? X-ray fluorescence analysis can be used to identify an abundance of elements, by irradiating samples with X-rays and analyzing the spectrum they emit and can detect many elements simultaneously. For this ...


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Discovery overturns major assumptions in crystal photochemistry!

Molecular crystal exhibits propagation of photochemical reaction


Stimuli-responsive materials, whose physical properties change in response to external stimuli such as light and heat, are being widely studied as next-generation functional materials. Especially, photo-responsive materials are attracting much attention because their physicochemical properties ...


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New cheaper positive electrode material improves all-solid-state sodium batteries

Expected to improve high-capacity rechargeable batteries and make them cheaper by using common materials


The demand for high energy density rechargeable batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, increases every year, as society shifts toward becoming carbon neutral. Sodium-ion batteries—which have a resource advantage over lithium-ion batteries—are attracting more attention, as cheap new ...


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Success in synthesizing biodegradable plastic materials using sunlight and CO₂

80% yield!


Tremendous effort has been put into making plastics not only durable and convenient but also environmentally-friendly materials for everyday products. Osaka Metropolitan University scientists made a significant advance in this journey with their innovative artificial photosynthesis technology ...


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Lessons from natural photosynthesis: conversion of CO₂ to raw materials for plastic!

Technology sequesters CO₂ emissions


In plants, natural photosynthesis binds carbon dioxide (CO2­) to organic compounds, which can then be converted into glucose or starch. These useful molecules can be sequestered, storing the carbon in a solid form. Artificial photosynthesis mimics this process by reducing the greenhouse gas CO2– ...


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Scientists synthesize new photostable organic semiconductor

Successful development of pentacene derivative that has 100 times more light durability than conventional products


Due to their high hole mobility, pentacene and its derivatives have been the representative organic semiconductors and have been the subject of much research, both basic and applied. In particular, they are expected to be applied to semiconductor devices such as field-effect transistors. In ...


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Seeing molecules inside a nanometer-sized “sardine can”!

A clever new method for observing metal-organic frameworks and guest molecule interactions, using real-time polarized infrared spectroscopy


Most people don’t think about how molecules fit in the ultra-small spaces between other molecules, but that is what Professor Masahide Takahashi’s research team do every day at Osaka Metropolitan University. They study metal-organic frameworks (MOF), composed of modularly arranged metal ions and ...


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