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Functionalisation of siloles


Japanese researchers have synthesised 3-allyl-1-silaindenes by gold-catalysed intramolecular trans-allylsilylation reaction of alkynes. Masahiro Murakami and colleagues at Kyoto University are interested in the synthesis of silole derivatives which possess unique photophysical and electronic ...


Super-sensitive spray-on explosive detector


US scientists have designed a new spray-on explosive detector sensitive enough to detect just a billionth of a gram of explosive. After treatment the explosive glows blue under UV light, making it perfect for use in the field. William Trogler and his team at the University of California, San ...


Fullerene size matters

How does the reactivity of metallofullerenes correlate with the size of the cage?


Luis Echegoyen and co-workers at Clemson University, US and Luna Innovations Inc., Danville, Virginia have uncovered the reactivity of the higher trimetallic nitride endohedral metallofullerene cages (TNT EMF). Endohedral metallo fullerenes (EMF) are fullerenes that have metal atoms enclosed ...


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Surface modification of gold nanorods inside polymer beads

'Gold nanorods can be made stable and soluble in both polar and non-polar solvents', say US scientists


A team led by Qun Huo at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, have developed a method to replace the ionic surfactant layer on a gold nanorod surface with a more stable thiol ligand. This is carried out by a place exchange reaction conducted inside an ionic exchange polymer bead. The gold ...


Chemists measure chilli sauce hotness with nanotubes

Nanotube device gives precise spice advice


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and into the lab - chemists can now use carbon nanotubes to judge the heat of chilli sauces. The technology might soon be available commercially as a cheap, disposable sensor for use in the food industry. Richard Compton and his team at Oxford ...


A new brew for coffee derivatives

Scientists in Switzerland have optimised a novel synthesis of a polyphenolic compound found in coffee beans


Chlorogenic acids are natural polyphenolic compounds that are found in coffee and many fruits and vegetables. Chlorogenic acids possess biological properties such as antibacterial, antioxidant, antimutagenic, antitumour and antiviral activities. Their potential health benefits have led Denis ...


Syngenta and the Royal Society of Chemistry launch African science initiative


Syngenta and the Royal Society of Chemistry announced the creation of the Pan Africa Chemistry Network to help promote the economic and social development of the continent. The Network, which will eventually span the whole continent, is being established initially in Kenya. Its purpose is to ...


RSC names the Grove Centre an Historic Chemical Landmark


The Royal Society of Chemistry commemorated the work of The Grove Centre, formerly Amersham Laboratories, identifying it as a Historic Chemical Landmark. The Grove Centre was selected for its pioneering work in the life sciences as a major centre for the development of the medical and industrial ...


Royal Society of Chemistry Announces Encouraging Innovation Award Winners


The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced the winners of its Encouraging Innovation Awards for 2004. These prestigious prizes recognise the importance of innovation - transforming creative ideas into commercial successes - to the future of the chemical science industry in the UK. Each award ...


New journal 'SOFT MATTER' to be launched by the Royal Society of Chemistry


The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announced at the Jülich Soft Matter Days 2004 conference that it will launch a new publication, Soft Matter, in Summer 2005. This high quality interdisciplinary publication will publish research on soft materials, including complex fluids, with a particular ...


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