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Formation of the smallest droplet of acid

New reaction mechanism at ultracold temperatures


Exactly four water molecules and one hydrogen chloride molecule are necessary to form the smallest droplet of acid. This was the result of work by the groups of Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith (physical chemistry) and Prof. Dr. Dominik Marx (theoretical chemistry) within the research group FOR 618. ...


Chemists develop a new preparation process for MOFs

New functional materials thanks to "intelligent" substrates


Many molecular materials, be they hydrogen for fuel cells or drugs, can be stored in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). This would even be possible for metal nano particles for catalysis, were there not one little hindrance: if the void spaces in the MOF are too large, a second embedded framework ...


Carbon dioxide forms polymeric materials under high pressure


Carbon dioxide is a molecular gas at ambient conditions and an important consitituent of the Earth's atmosphere. It is also a likely component in the Earth's mantle, and it plays an important role in the life cycle. But at high pressure, carbon dioxide can transform to a solid. The commonly known ...


Scent Prediction

Lily of the valley fragrance: electronic surface structure determines interactions with scent receptors


An interdisciplinary team headed by Reinhold Tacke (Inorganic Chemistry, University of Würzburg), Philip Kraft (Scent Research, Givaudan Schweiz Inc.), and Hanns Hatt (Cell Biology, University of Bochum) have attempted a "scent prediction" to test their computer model of lily-of-the-valley ...


Electrochemical sensor for the uncomplicated detection of "hits" on DNA chips


For one patient, a medication works perfectly, for another, not at all, a third patient suffers from side effects. Often, tiny differences in one or more genes determine the individual reaction to a drug. Fine variations in genes are also behind the antibiotic resistance of some microorganisms ...


New process for the production of efficient catalyst systems for the synthesis of methanol


Methanol is not only an important starting material for the chemical industry; it is gaining attention as an energy source for fuel cells. In contrast to hydrogen, liquid methanol would be easy to transport and could be distributed by means of the existing network of filling stations. It is no ...


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