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Team finds major storage capacity in water-based batteries

This safer chemistry would also prevent battery fires


Researchers at Texas A&M University have discovered a 1,000% difference in the storage capacity of metal-free, water-based battery electrodes. These batteries are different from lithium-ion batteries that contain cobalt. The group's goal of researching metal-free batteries stems from having ...


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Researchers uncover new water monitoring technique

New method simultaneously monitors clumps and the mixing intensity in a single step


Water is a vital resource, and clean water is a necessity. Texas A&M University researchers have developed a new technique to monitor one of the key processes of purifying water in real time. Raw water contains microscopic pathogens that are too small to remove during water and wastewater ...


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New crystal growth orientation method manipulated materials properties

Single crystal growth method discovered to be effective in controlling orientation


A new method to grow single crystals and simultaneously control their growth orientation without melt processing has been discovered by Texas A&M University materials science and engineering doctoral graduate Dr. Hande Ozcan and Dr. Ibrahim Karaman, department head and Chevron Professor. The ...


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New metal-free, recyclable polypeptide battery that degrades on demand

Breakthrough could lead to battery production moving away from cobalt


The introduction of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries has revolutionized technology as a whole, leading to major advances in consumer goods across nearly all sectors. Battery-powered devices have become ubiquitous across the world. While the availability of technology is generally a good thing, the ...


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Researchers dramatically downsize technology for fingerprinting drugs and other chemicals

Tiny photonic chip could fit comfortably within the tip of a finger


As new infectious diseases emerge and spread, one of the best shots against novel pathogens is finding new medicines or vaccines. But before drugs can be used as potential cures, they have to be painstakingly screened for composition, safety and purity, among other things. Thus, there is an ...


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New lithium battery charges faster, reduces risk of device explosions

Researchers at Texas A&M University have invented a technology that can prevent lithium batteries from heating and failing


Cell phone batteries often heat up and, at times, can burst into flames. In most cases, the culprit behind such incidents can be traced back to lithium batteries. Despite providing long-lasting electric currents that can keep devices powered up, lithium batteries can internally short circuit, ...


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Surprising discovery could change the way industry uses nickel


Nickel is one of the most abundant elements on earth. It is hard, yet malleable, magnetic at room temperature, and a relatively good conductor of electricity and heat. Most notably, nickel is highly corrosion resistant, which provides for a variety of uses by industry. However, a surprising ...


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Vitamin C is key to protection of exciting new nanomaterial


In work that could open a floodgate of future applications for a new class of nanomaterials known as MXenes (pronounced "Maxines"), researchers from Texas A&M University have discovered a simple, inexpensive way to prevent the materials' rapid degradation. Two-dimensional MXene nanosheets have ...


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Fire-retardant coating featuring renewable materials

Coating could reduce the flammability of polyurethane foam


Texas A&M University researchers are developing a new kind of flame-retardant coating using renewable, nontoxic materials readily found in nature, which could provide even more effective fire protection for several widely used materials. Dr. Jaime Grunlan, the Linda & Ralph Schmidt '68 Professor ...


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A new type of powerful battery

Move over, lithium-ion - now, there's a better battery on the horizon


A multi-institution team of scientists led by Texas A&M University chemist Sarbajit Banerjee has discovered an exceptional metal-oxide magnesium battery cathode material, moving researchers one step closer to delivering batteries that promise higher density of energy storage on top of ...


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