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New magnesium superionic conductor towards lithium-free solid-state batteries

Scientists demonstrate for the first time a metal–organic framework-based magnesium ion conductor showing superionic conductivity even at room temperature


The development of highly efficient energy storage devices that can store renewable energy is crucial to a sustainable future. In today’s world, solid-state rechargeable lithium ion (Li+) batteries are the state of the art. But lithium is a rare earth metal, and society’s dependence on the ...


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Novel multi-proton carrier complex as efficient proton conductor at high temperatures

Researchers develop a highly symmetric ruthenium (III) complex with six imidazole-imidazolate groups for efficient high-temperature proton conduction in fuel cells


As the world is moving towards more environment-friendly and sustainable sources of energy, fuel cells are receiving a lot of attention. The main advantage of fuel cells is that they use hydrogen, a clean fuel, and produce only water as a by-product while generating electricity. This new and ...


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Innovative thinner electrolyte can improve functioning of solid oxide fuel cells

Scientists have synthesized a new thin film that could make energy production more efficient and cleaner


In this post-industrialization age, electricity has become the backbone of our society. However, using fossil fuels to generate it is not the best option because of their limited availability and harmful nature. In the last two decades, significant efforts have been made to develop techniques to ...


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The shape of water: What water molecules look like on the surface of materials

Scientist combine data analysis techniques with molecular dynamics simulations to understand the structure of water on material surfaces.


Understanding the various molecular interactions and structures that arise among surface water molecules would enable scientists and engineers to develop all sorts of novel hydrophobic/hydrophilic materials or improve existing ones. For example, the friction caused by water on ships could be ...


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New study on a recently discovered chlorophyll molecule could be key to better solar cells

Scientists uncover location and functions of a new type of chlorophyll molecule for the first time


All living organisms need energy for their survival, and this energy indirectly comes from the sun. Some organisms, such as plants, cyanobacteria, and algae, are capable of directly converting this light energy into chemical energy via a process called "photosynthesis". These photosynthetic ...


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Hidden chirality

Nitrogen-15 isotope can trigger asymmetric autocatalytic reactions toward chiral organic compounds


The preparation of chiral compounds as intermediates in drug synthesis is one of the most important targets in synthetic organic chemistry. Japanese scientists have now shown that the autocatalytic preparation of a chiral intermediate can be triggered by a compound bearing hidden chirality, which ...


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