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Toward high-performance solid-state batteries

Researchers develop ultra-thin solid electrolyte


Operational reliability, durability and high energy density: In these respects, solid-state batteries are superior in principle to conventional liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries. Some of the problems standing in the way of widespread industrial application – in the field of ...


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New study on optimizing microbial fuel cells shows electrode material can make all the difference


At present, microbial fuel cells are mainly used in research laboratories to generate electricity. In order for industrial applications to be considered in the future, the fuel cells must be further developed so that they can produce consistently higher amounts of electricity than is currently ...


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International research team creates previously unknown nitrogen compounds

The study exemplifies the great, as yet untapped potential of high-pressure research for nitrogen chemistry


Non-metal nitrides are compounds in which nitrogen and non-metallic elements are linked by covalent bonds. Because of their technologically interesting properties, they have increasingly become the focus of materials research. In the journal "Chemistry – A European Journal", an international team ...


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Microplastics in human tissue samples: International study warns against drawing premature conclusions


The distribution of microplastics and nanoplastics in the environment, the potential of human exposure and particle uptake, and the absorption of these particles into tissues are topics that are being intensively researched worldwide. An international research group of the EU project ...


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Leading the way in superconductor research: new compounds of lanthanum and hydrogen

Surprising findings refute a hypothesis that has played a central role in research into superconducting materials up to now


All superconductors known today that are used in research and industry are superconducting only below 150 degrees Kelvin (around minus 120 degrees Celsius). Materials that have this property at higher temperatures are therefore being sought worldwide. Based on theoretical modeling, hydrides have ...


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Biodegradable microplastics in soils cause CO₂ emissions to rise

The increase in CO₂ emissions goes hand in hand with the increase in microbial biomass


Biodegradable microplastic particles in soils can lead to an increased rise in CO₂ emissions to the Earth's atmosphere. This is shown by an interdisciplinary study published in "Applied Soil Ecology" by the Collaborative Research Centre 1357 "Microplastics" at the University of Bayreuth. In this ...


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Particles from everyday wall paints can harm living organisms

Novel membrane shows high filtering effects


Dispersion paints are mostly used in households for painting walls and ceilings. An interdisciplinary research team from the University of Bayreuth has now analysed the chemical composition of two typical dispersion paints and discovered a large number of solid particles in them which are only a ...


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Automated measurement technique for microplastic detection in water

Graduates of the University of Bayreuth receive EXIST start-up scholarship


Jens Pfeiffer and Valentin Meiler are funded by the EXIST Start-up Grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund (ESF). The funding amount for "MYTRA - Measurement of Microplastics" is over 100,000 euros. The founding team, which so far consists ...


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Biodegradable plastic particles in finished compost

Fertilisers from composting plants contain large quantities of biodegradable plastics


Composting plants process biowaste into finished compost, which ends up as fertiliser in the soils of fields. A study by the University of Bayreuth shows that finished compost from composting plants in Germany contains a large number of biodegradable plastic particles. Applicable legal and ...


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New spectroscopic insights into hydrogen bonds

Surprising results


Hydrogen bonds are of fundamental interest in materials science, physics and chemistry. An international team including scientists from the University of Bayreuth has now achieved surprising insights into the formation of hydrogen bonds using a novel method that enables the application of NMR ...


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