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Automated measurement technique for microplastic detection in water

Graduates of the University of Bayreuth receive EXIST start-up scholarship


Jens Pfeiffer and Valentin Meiler are funded by the EXIST Start-up Grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund (ESF). The funding amount for "MYTRA - Measurement of Microplastics" is over 100,000 euros. The founding team, which so far consists ...


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Biodegradable plastic particles in finished compost

Fertilisers from composting plants contain large quantities of biodegradable plastics


Composting plants process biowaste into finished compost, which ends up as fertiliser in the soils of fields. A study by the University of Bayreuth shows that finished compost from composting plants in Germany contains a large number of biodegradable plastic particles. Applicable legal and ...


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New spectroscopic insights into hydrogen bonds

Surprising results


Hydrogen bonds are of fundamental interest in materials science, physics and chemistry. An international team including scientists from the University of Bayreuth has now achieved surprising insights into the formation of hydrogen bonds using a novel method that enables the application of NMR ...


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New method for the technological use of 2D nanomaterials


Nanosheets are finely structured two-dimensional materials and have great potential for innovation. They are fixed on top of each other in layered crystals, and must first be separated from each other so that they can be used, for example, to filter gas mixtures or for efficient gas barriers. A ...


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Materials synthesis research and study in terapascal range for the first time

Traveling to the centre of planet Uranus


Jules Verne could not even dream of this: A research team from the University of Bayreuth, together with international partners, has pushed the boundaries of high-pressure and high-temperature research into cosmic dimensions. For the first time, they have succeeded in generating and ...


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Nanoplastic particles love company

Polyethylene degradation in the environment


Polyethylene, a plastic that is both cheap and easy to process, accounts for nearly one-third of the world’s plastic waste. An interdisciplinary team from the University of Bayreuth has investigated the progressive degradation of polyethylene in the environment for the first time. Although the ...


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Atomic Terahertz-vibrations solve the enigma of ultrashort soliton molecules

Findings may help to develop particularly fast chemically sensitive microscopes that can be used to identify materials


Stable packets of light waves – called optical solitons – are emitted in ultrashort-pulse lasers as a chain of light flashes. These solitons often combine into pairs with very short temporal separation. Introducing atomic vibrations in the terahertz range, researchers at the Universities of ...


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Researchers develop catalyst for sustainable production of important chemical precursors

Outstanding selectivity is coupled with an unusually high efficiency


The alpha-olefins, consisting of carbon and hydrogen, are the most important precursors in the chemical industry. Researchers at the University of Bayreuth present a discovery in the journal “Science” that opens up previously unimagined prospects for the design and the selective as well as ...


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Learning from dust: health risks of microparticles

Properties such as size, shape and surface condition of microparticles influence their hazardous potential for humans


Researchers at the University of Bayreuth want to find out the consequences of inhaled microplastics. In order to better understand them, they have conducted an interdisciplinary study to find out how the health risks of particles such as soot, grinding dust or asbestos are related to their ...


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Supposedly similar microplastic particles show different levels of toxicity

"Our study impressively shows how problematic it is to make generalised statements about the health or ecological effects of microplastics"


More and more studies worldwide are looking into the effects of microplastics, especially with regard to the environment and health. They often use spherical polystyrene microparticles and have arrived at partly contradictory results. An interdisciplinary research team at the University of ...


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