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Colloidal Quasi-Crystals Discovered


An international research group led by Professor Stephan Förster of the University of Bayreuth has discovered colloidal quasi-crystals for the first time. In contrast to the quasi-crystals previously documented, which can only be produced under special laboratory conditions, they are simply ...


SERS increases in creases


Wrinkles are not all bad news according to European scientists, who have used them to improve a spectroscopic technique used to identify molecules. Luis Liz-Marzán and colleagues have developed a versatile method for making improved SERS substrates. They made a wrinkled strip of a silicon-based ...


Investigating how spiders spin their silk, researchers unravel a key step

Discovery opens the way toward biomimetic production of ultra-strong, elastic fibers


Five times the tensile strength of steel and triple that of the currently best synthetic fibers: Spider silk is a fascinating material. But no one has thus far succeeded in producing the super fibers synthetically. How do spiders form long, highly stable and elastic fibers from the spider silk ...


Switchable Adhesive

Gel- and polymer-coated surfaces stick together and separate in response to an environmental stimulus


Two surfaces stick together, separate, and stick together again - on command. This discovery by a team of researchers from the Universities of Sheffield (UK) and Bayreuth contradicts our day-to-day experience. In the animal kingdom, geckos can climb up vertical inclines, displaying an incredible ...


The structure of a polymeric carbon suboxide is finally cleared up


In addition to the well-known compounds carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, carbon and oxygen form other compounds of which carbon suboxide (C3O2) is one of the most stable. C3O2 was discovered in 1906; it is a linear molecule in which all five atoms are bound to each other with double bonds, ...


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