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First brew beer, then store energy

Chemists create carbon materials for energy storage device from brewery waste


Modern energy storage systems are an important building block for a climate-friendly future. “Modern” means not only that their performance meets the demands of a high-tech society, but also that they can be produced and recycled sustainably. In the search for new resources, scientists sometimes ...


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Exciting light emission and measuring temperature with ultrasound

Scientists develop mechanoluminescent material systems: Application in photodynamic therapy


If mechanoluminescent materials are subjected to external mechanical stress, they emit visible or invisible light. Such excitation can occur due to bending or gentle pressure, for example, but also completely contact-free through ultrasound. In this way, the effect can be triggered remotely and ...


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How the first biomolecules could have been formed

International team shows that the first biologically relevant compounds could have originated on Earth's surface


The chemical precursors of present-day biomolecules could have formed not only in the deep sea at hydrothermal vents, but also in warm ponds on the Earth's surface. The chemical reactions that may have occurred in this “primordial soup” have now been reproduced in experiments by an international ...


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Catalytic hydrogen generation – without expensive precious metals

Researchers develop compact and cost-effective molecular photosystem for light-driven hydrogen generation


A research team from Friedrich Schiller University Jena has developed a molecular photosystem inspired by nature that generates hydrogen under visible light irradiation. In contrast to other existing systems of this type, it functions without the use of precious or heavy metals. Low-cost and ...


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Record-breaking and readily available – aluminium complex with very strong fluorescence discovered

“This discovery was literally a case of serendipity”


Chemists at the University of Jena, Germany have set a new record, having discovered a fluorescent aluminium complex with the highest quantum yield known to date. For virtually every photon absorbed by the substance, a photon is emitted. This could be of benefit in applications such as LED ...


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The path to clean catalysis

ERC Starting Grant for catalysis without rare or toxic metals


Chemistry professor Martin Oschatz of the University of Jena (Germany) has been awarded a coveted Starting Grant by the European Research Council to support his pioneering work, the ERC announced. This grant, which provides up to 1.5 million euros over five years, is given annually to young ...


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Artificial intelligence for better diagnostics

Standardized methods facilitate the evaluation of Raman spectra


Light-based methods are increasingly used for analytical problems in the fields of health, environment, medicine and safety. Raman spectroscopy is a suitable method in this context. The measurement data collected in this process are complex and extensive molecular fingerprints. Artificial ...


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Turbo boost for materials research

Researchers train AI to predict new compounds


A new algorithm has been designed to help discover previously unknown material compounds. It was developed by a team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Lund University in Sweden. The researchers designed a form of artificial intelligence ...


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Melting glasses from unmeltable compounds


Chemists at the University of Jena are developing a way of melting normally unmeltable metal-organic framework compounds – so-called MOFs. This allows the melt-based production of glass components for applications in energy and environmental technology. Glasses are an indispensable part of ...


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High-speed modulation thanks to crystal symmetry

Physicists and chemists develop a method for nonlinear signal modulation in 2D materials


Nonlinear optics is of paramount importance in numerous fields of science and technology, in particular for second harmonic generation, namely the process of frequency doubling of a light beam. For instance, this process turns invisible infrared light into the visible light cursor of a laser ...


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