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Charge separation in a molecule consisting of two identical atoms


Physicists from the University of Stuttgart show the first experimental proof of a molecule consisting of two identical atoms that exhibits a permanent electric dipole moment. This observation contradicts the classical opinion described in many physics and chemistry textbooks. A dipolar molecule ...


Scientists to produce suberabsorbents from CO2

CaRLa research lab and hte AG are to cooperate with academic partners on a publicly funded Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) project


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has pledged €2.2 million in funds for a project by the BASF-supported Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa) and hte AG, a company in which BASF has a majority interest. The goal of the project, which takes place with the cooperation of ...


How small is the proton?

International team of researchers observes unexpectedly small proton radius in a precision laser experiment with exotic hydrogen atoms


The proton - one of the universal building-blocks of all matter - is even smaller than had previously been assumed. This is the result obtained at the Paul-Scherrer-Institut (PSI) in Villigen (Switzerland) by an international research team, including scientists from the Max Planck Institute of ...


A predilection for certain symmetries: Researchers discover why atoms in solids show a preference for certain structures


The process involved here sounds unwieldy, but is, in fact, quite simple: a material has a 6-fold rotation symmetry if the arrangement of its atoms remains unchanged when it is rotated by 60 degrees – one sixth of a circle. The atoms in metals often order themselves in this way. However, more ...


Printed electronics to control flexible displays

Partners of the “Forum Organic Electronics” excellence cluster are developing printable organic circuits


Screens and display elements in mobile phones, e-readers for electronic books and measuring devices are now well-established features of our networked world. To make the manufacture of these mobile mass displays more cost effective, organic electronics is providing technical solutions, including ...


Uniform analyses for clean drinking water in Europe

PTB scientists receive award for concept of comparability and traceability of water analyses


Clean water is a matter of survival for humans, particularly when it is used for drinking, cooking and for food manufacture. Therefore, the EU member countries have in several guidelines undertaken to guarantee their citizens sustainable clean drinking water. The requirement for this is, however, ...


A breakthrough toward industrial production of fluorescent nanodiamonds


The laboratory «Structure - Activité of Normal & Pathologic Biomolecules - SANPB», Inserm / UEVE U829 (Genopole Evry, France) in collaboration with the Material Centre of Mines-ParisTech (Evry, France), the NRG - UMR 5060 CNRS / UTBM (Technology University of Belfort-Montbéliard) and the Physic ...


Open-Sesame Time for Nanocapsules

Nanocavity skeleton altered by substitution of metal ions


Hollow spherical capsules composed of pentagonal molybdenum-oxide units stitched together by metal-ion linkers are a remarkable example of porous nanoscale objects, and have attracted much recent attention because of their potential applications in areas as diverse as catalysis and biosensing. ...


Golden Nano-Dumbbells

Selective binding of gold nanoparticles to the ends of rod-shaped viruses


Nanotechnology appears to be an unstoppable trend and it requires defined nanoscale building blocks and patterns. "A typical difficulty with the synthesis of nanostructures is the modification of nanoscale objects at specific positions" says Alexander Bittner, whose work with a team from the Max ...


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