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Breakthrough in nanotechnology

A new use for atomically engineered gold


A University of Central Florida assistant professor has developed a new material using nanotechnology, which could help keep pilots and sensitive equipment safe from destructive lasers. UCF Assistant Professor Jayan Thomas, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University Associate Professor ...


Power plant waste to be used to clean up Gulf oil spill


Specially treated waste material from electric power plants will soon be used to clean up oil in the Gulf thanks to the ingenuity of a University of Central Florida professor. The National Science Foundation awarded Sudipta Seal a $67,000 grant that will help the professor turn waste material, ...


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Surface modification of gold nanorods inside polymer beads

'Gold nanorods can be made stable and soluble in both polar and non-polar solvents', say US scientists


A team led by Qun Huo at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, have developed a method to replace the ionic surfactant layer on a gold nanorod surface with a more stable thiol ligand. This is carried out by a place exchange reaction conducted inside an ionic exchange polymer bead. The gold ...


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