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University of Houston professor taking next step with graphene research


The 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics went to the two scientists who first isolated graphene, one-atom-thick crystals of graphite. Now, a researcher with the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering is trying to develop a method to mass-produce this revolutionary material. Graphene has ...


EPA awards UH lead role to study toxin effects on embryonic development

$3.2M grant to explore how chemicals affect human health, which ones may cause serious diseases


Most people would agree that arsenic, lead, mercury, benzene and carbon monoxide pose dangers to humans. Not many, though, realize that the average person is exposed to about 10,000 different chemicals per day. Thanks to a $3.2 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its ...


Charging ahead: University of Houston team revealing secrets of electricity-producing materials

Researchers press on in their mission to power nanodevices of tomorrow


Much like humans, materials are capable of some pretty remarkable things when they're placed under pressure. In fact, under the right conditions, materials can even produce electricity. Driven by the vision of our society one day being basically self-propelled, a team of University of Houston ...


'Refinery dust' reveals clues about local polluters, UH-led research team says

Investigators seek better understanding of fine particulate matter found in Houston region’s emissions


Cloaked in the clouds of emissions and exhaust that hang over the city are clues that lead back to the polluting culprits, and a research team led by the University of Houston is hot on their trails. Investigator Shankar Chellam is heading up the case, which hinges on unique identifiers found in ...


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