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University of Minnesota researchers discover breakthrough method for chemical separations

New process could greatly reduce energy used in the production of biofuels


A team of researchers, led by chemical engineering and materials science professor Michael Tsapatsis in the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology, have developed a more energy-efficient method of chemical separations that could revolutionize processes in the petrochemical and biofuels ...


Nature Conservancy study raises major questions on biofuels

More carbon lost than gained when converting land for biofuels crops


A new Nature Conservancy study finds that converting land for biofuel crops results in major carbon emissions, actually worsening the problem of global warming instead of mitigating it. The first-of-its-kind study will be published in Science. "This research examines the conversion of land for ...


Nanoscale Cubes and Spheres

Uniform porous silicon oxide nano-objects formed by controlled disassembly of a lattice structure


Porous nano-objects with defined sizes and structures are particularly interesting, for example, as capsules for enzymes, a means of transport for pharmaceutical agents, or building blocks for larger nanostructures. The production of such tiny, three-dimensional objects in a targeted and ...


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