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Oregon researchers synthesize negative-charge carrying molecular structures


University of Oregon chemists have synthesized organic molecular structures that move both positive and negative electrical charges -- a highly desired but often difficult combination to achieve in current efforts to create highly flexible electronic devices and other new-age technologies. The ...


Computer simulations for multiscale systems can be faster, better, more reliable


University of Oregon scientists have found a way to correctly reproduce not only the structure but also important thermodynamic quantities such as pressure and compressibility of a large, multiscale system at variable levels of molecular coarse-graining. The method is a mathematically driven ...


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UO chemists develop liquid-based hydrogen storage material

New material may boost efforts to convert gasoline infrastructure into one based on hydrogen


University of Oregon chemists have developed a boron-nitrogen-based liquid-phase storage material for hydrogen that works safely at room temperature and is both air- and moisture-stable -- an accomplishment that offers a possible route through current storage and transportation ...


Researchers confirm benzene-like electron delocalization of important molecule

UO team's findings could pave way for synthetic compounds useful in drug discovery and materials science


Researchers in the lab of University of Oregon chemist Shih-Yuan Liu have successfully synthesized and structurally characterized boron-nitrogen compounds that are isoelectronic and isostructural to the fundamentally important benzene molecule. Given the appearance of benzene derivatives in ...


Think green, UO's Hutchison says, to reduce nanotech hazards


The University of Oregon's Jim Hutchison, holding three patents in the emerging field of nanotechnology, embraces a strong call for exploring potential environmental and health implications, which he says could be many, and for designing new materials with reduced hazard. The available data, he ...


Ascenion mediates licensing contract between the Helmholtz Zentrum München and YXLON International


Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health, together with the University of Oregon, USA have developed a new image reconstruction system for computed tomography that produces greater image quality at a lower radiation dose compared with standard ...


Chemists perfect fast way to synthesize libraries of gold nanoparticles


University of Oregon chemist Jim Hutchison discovered a new way of rapidly generating libraries of tiny particles with great promise for research and development at the nanoscale. "We've discovered a method for generating a diverse library of functionalized gold particles quickly and easily," ...


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