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Electron injection builds novel crystalline carbons


Chargeinjection waswidely utilized in tuning the energy level ofelectrons in semiconductorswithout altering theirmicroscopic structures. Recently, a research team led by Professor ZHU Yanwu fromthe University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) ...


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Research team synthesizes monometallic endohedral azafullerene

“This result is very interesting and helpful for understanding the unique properties of azafullerenes”


Recently, a research team led by Prof. YANG Shangfeng from the University of Sciences and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) synthesized La@C81N, a type of monometallic endohedral azafullerene (MEAF) for the first time, providing a new way to modulate the ...


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Researchers construct highly selective photocatalysts for nonoxidative coupling of methane

The transformation ability reaches the same level as that of thermocatalysis, but photocatalysis happens under relatively mild conditions


Methane (CH4)isthe main component of liquid natural gas. However, the combustion of methane generates a critical amount of carbon dioxide, making the use of this power source contradict the concept of green chemistry. Therefore, the transformation of methane into higher-value-added chemicalsis ...


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Super-resolved imaging of a single cold atom on a nanosecond timescale

Scientists have made important progress in the research of cold atom super-resolution imaging


The teamofacademician GUO Guangcan ofUniversity of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Scienceshas made important progress in the research of cold atom super-resolution imaging. The team achieved super-resolution imaging of a single ion inanion trap system. The ...


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The next big thing: A new technology for directly converting carbon dioxide into pure formic acid

Novel electrochemical device based on solid-state electrolyte


Anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide bring a series of climatic and environmental problems including global warming. Artificially upcycling of carbon dioxide into value-added fuels and chemicals, powered by "green electricity" of renewable energy, provides an elegant route to close the ...


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Liquid Fuels from Carbon Dioxide

Electrocatalyst converts CO2 into multicarbon products


A new electrocatalyst called a-CuTi@Cu converts carbon dioxide (CO2 ) into liquid fuels. As reported by a team of Chinese researchers in the journal Angewandte Chemie, active copper centered on an amorphous copper/titanium alloy produces ethanol, acetone, and n-butanol with high efficiency. Most ...


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USTC constructs covalent organic framework membranes with sub-2-nanometer channels


Ion separation using membrane separation technologyis of greatimportance inthefieldsincludingenergy conversion and storage, environmental detection and resource reuse. Membranes with sub-2-nanometer channels have high ion transport rates but they fail to sieve different ions effectively due ...


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Gold-phosphorus nanosheets catalyzes nature gas to greener energy selectively

Water enables mild oxidation of methane to methanol on gold single-atom catalysts


Advances in hydraulic fracturing technology have enabled discovery of large reserves of natural gas which primarily contains methane, which is mainly burned directly and causing global warming potentially. Upgrading methane to greener energy such as methanol through aerobic oxidation is an ideal ...


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Bioinspired material to oust plastics

Tough, strong and heat-endure


Modern life relies closely on plastics, even though the petroleum-based production creates serious environmental challenges. The industry opts out to use sustainable materials due to their limited mechanical properties or complex manufacturing processes. An advanced strategy to design and produce ...


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Engineered electrode material moves battery research closer to 'holy grail'

An electric vehicle with such a battery could travel 600 miles on a single charge


Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity, but their long charging time is a significant detraction for potential customers. While a typical SUV with a combustion engine could travel 300 miles with a five-minute refuel, a state-of-the-art electric vehicle takes about one hour to store enough ...


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