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Researchers effectively treat tumors with use of nanotubes


By injecting man-made, microscopic tubes into tumors and heating them with a quick, 30-second zap of a laser, scientists have discovered a way to effectively kill kidney tumors in nearly 80 percent of mice. Researchers say that the finding suggests a potential future cancer treatment for ...


Remote-control closed system invented for inserting radio-active atoms inside fullerenes

The new material will increase control of radiation therapy


Virginia Tech chemistry Professor Harry C. Dorn, Emory and Henry College chemistry Professor James Duchamp, and Panos Fatouros, professor and chair of the Division of Radiation Physics and Biology at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine have co-invented a hands-off process for ...


Bare bones of crystal growth: Biomolecules enhance metal contents in calcite


From shells to bones, the skeletons of organisms contain small amounts of impurity elements such as magnesium. Because the levels of these elements provide important clues to past environments, a considerable effort has focused on understanding how to relate impurity contents to the ancient ...


Carbon molecule with a charge could be tomorrow's semiconductor


Virginia Tech chemistry Professor Harry Dorn has developed a new area of fullerene chemistry that may be the backbone for development of molecular semiconductors and quantum computing applications. As part of the research to place gadolinium atoms inside the carbon cage for MRI applications, Dorn ...


Dow Water Solutions launches joint development partnership with Virginia Tech and University of Texas at Austin

Multi-year joint development agreement will develop oxidation-resistant reverse osmosis membranes


Dow Water Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), has reached a multi-year joint development partnership with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and University of Texas at Austin (UT). Under the agreement, Dow Water Solutions will collaborate ...


How sweet it is: 'Revolutionary' process points to sugar-fueled cars


Chemists are describing development of a "revolutionary" process for converting plant sugars into hydrogen, which could be used to cheaply and efficiently power vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells without producing any pollutants. The process involves combining plant sugars, water, and a ...


The Smell of Iron

"Metallic" odor of iron, iron-containing water, and blood derives from the decomposition of skin oil


Where does the strange but typical "metallic" smell come from when we touch iron objects such as tools, utensils, railings, or coins? "The smell of iron upon contact with skin is ironically a type of human body odor," states Dietmar Glindemann. "That we are smelling the metal itself is actually ...


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