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A sea change for plastic pollution: new material biodegrades in ocean water

Marine microorganisms found to feast on new polyurethane materials used in a startup's sustainable shoes


Plastics, now ubiquitous in the modern world, have become a rising threat to human and environmental health. Around the planet, evidence of plastic pollution stretches from grocery bags in the deep sea to microplastics in our food supplies and even in our blood. Seeking solutions to counteract ...


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Recycled PET bottles are turned into adhesive tapes

tesa develops a new packaging tape with backing material made from recycled post-consumer PET


tesa is launching another new, innovative packaging tape. The new tesa® 60412 includes a backing with 70% recycled (PCR) PET and a water-based acrylic adhesive system. The company is thus expanding its product portfolio of high-performance packaging tapes, which are partly made from recycled ...


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Fast charging over 10,000 cycles: Harvard engineers’ solid-state battery technology points to a leap in performance and reliability

Startup granted technology license from Harvard to scale innovative lithium-metal battery technology for commercial deployment


Harvard’s Office of Technology Development has granted an exclusive technology license to Adden Energy, Inc., a startup developing innovative solid-state battery systems for use in future electric vehicles (EVs) that would fully charge in minutes. Adden Energy has closed a seed round with $5.15M ...


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Synthesis at the touch of a button

Almost as simple as making coffee


In many chemical laboratories, routine chemical syntheses are performed on a daily basis, which takes up a lot of time. ETH spin-​off Synple Chem wants to simplify this with a device that is almost as easy to use as a capsule coffee machine. It’s been a while since bouillon cubes were made in ...


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Automated measurement technique for microplastic detection in water

Graduates of the University of Bayreuth receive EXIST start-up scholarship


Jens Pfeiffer and Valentin Meiler are funded by the EXIST Start-up Grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund (ESF). The funding amount for "MYTRA - Measurement of Microplastics" is over 100,000 euros. The founding team, which so far consists ...


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Innovative solutions related to Sustainable Chemistry and Waste

Finalists of the third ISC3 Innovation Challenge selected


The voting period of the third ISC3 Innovation Challenge that called for innovations in the field of Sustainable Chemistry and Waste: Prevention, Valorisation & Management just ended. The international jury of experts chose its 10 finalists from a large number of top-notch applications from five ...


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Illinois Tech ‘spinout’ startup Influit Energy has created the world’s first rechargeable, safe, electric fuel

“Discharged fluid can be returned to a recharge/refuel station for recharging or be charged inside the device by plugging into the power source”


It was only a matter of time—beforeInfluit Energywould need to hire more scientists, before the 2,100-square-foot lab space that the company occupies in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood would grow too small, and before the three co-founders of the startup whose history is inextricably linked to ...


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Automation and advanced materials are the “dream team”

Graphene meets robots as automation is combined with advanced materials


Automated systems combined with new materials will combine as a “dream team” to start a revolution in advanced manufacturing, says a graphene pioneer. Automation and robotic systems are on the brink of transforming the way we all work and live says Dr Vivek Koncherry, who is based at The ...


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Spin-out company aiming to replace harmful plastic microbeads receives £1.3M investment

Sustainable cellulose start-up Naturbeads is poised to scale up


Naturbeads, a company set up by University of Bath researchers that aims to replace plastic microbeads with sustainable alternatives, is set to scale up its work after receiving £1.3M (€1.5M) in a recent funding round. The investment from Italian Venture Capital fund Progress Tech Transfer, Eos ...


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Quantistry: Berlin-based software company launches platform for chemical simulations


Quantistry announces the official launch of its platform „Quantistry Lab“, a digital chemistry lab for material development simulations. Focused markets are primarily battery development, semiconductors, lubricants, optical as well as specialty chemical industries. The cloud-based solution of the ...


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