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Electric polarization in the macroscopic world and electrons moving at atomic scales

New route for understanding and tailoring the properties of ferroelectric materials


Femtosecond x-ray experiments in combination with a new theoretical approach establish a direct connection between electric properties in the macroscopic world and electron motions on the time and length scale of atoms. The results open a new route for understanding and tailoring the properties ...


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Wiggling atoms switch the electric polarization of crystals


Ferroelectric crystals display a macroscopic electric polarization, a superposition of many dipoles at the atomic scale which originate from spatially separated electrons and atomic nuclei. The macroscopic polarization is expected to change when the atoms are set in motion but the connection ...


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Reducing manure and fertilizers decreases atmospheric fine particles

A decrease of agricultural ammonia emissions avoids mortality attributable to air pollution


Fine particulates have numerous sources – not only traffic, which is currently under particular scrutiny. Reducing agricultural emissions could also considerably reduce the particulate levels that are hazardous to health, concludes a study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry ...


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Study finds declining sulfur levels


Air pollution legislation to control fossil fuel emissions and the associated acid rain has worked - perhaps leading to the need for sulfur fertilizers for crop production. A University of Illinois study drawing from over 20 years of data shows that sulfur levels in Midwest watersheds and rivers ...


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Livestock manure provides mineral fertilizers and soil conditioners


In regions with intensive livestock production, manure management is a problem. Nevertheless manure can become a valuable resource when its components are recovered as specific fertilizers and soil conditioners. For a year now a pilot plant for the processing of livestock manure – constructed ...


Watching electrons move in real time


At its most basic level, understanding chemistry means understanding what electrons are doing. Research published in The Journal of Chemical Physics not only maps the movement of electrons in real time but also observes a concerted electron and proton transfer that is quite different from any ...


Domo Chemicals finalizes successful expansion investments with start-up of a new ammonium sulfate storing facility in Leuna


Domo Caproleuna GmbH, subsidiary of DOMO Chemicals, celebrates in Leuna (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) the successful start-up of a new Ammonium Sulfate storage facility (investment of 30 million euro) with a capacity of 80.000 tons in the presence of the Minister of Economic Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt, ...


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