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Vianode invests NOK 2 billion in battery materials plant in Norway

The graphite materials from Vianode are produced with up to 90 percent lower CO2


Vianode, a company owned by Elkem, Hydro and Altor, has decided to invest in its first industrial-scale plant for sustainable battery materials at Herøya in Norway. The investment of around NOK 2 billion will create new industrial jobs and provide critical battery materials. The decision is an ...


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Chemical additives improve stability of high-density lithium-ion batteries


As our need for high-density batteries increases with widespread adoption of electric cars and alternative energy sources, improving the stability and capacity of lithium-ion batteries is a necessity. Current lithium-ion battery technology, which often uses nickel, is less stable at extreme ...


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Damage-free way to gauge the health of next-gen batteries for electric vehicles

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy shows how solid-state lithium metal batteries degrade


Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have demonstrated that electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) can be a powerful non-destructive tool to study the degradation mechanisms of all-solid-state lithium metal batteries. They studied ceramic-based all-solid-state Li metal batteries ...


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Lithium from electric vehicle batteries: Moving towards better recycling

Evonik aims to make the recycling of lithium simpler, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly


Evonik aims to make the recycling of lithium simpler, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly. This metal is essential for the batteries used to drive millions of electric vehicles. At present, however, up to 95 percent is not recycled after use. Evonik’s researchers have therefore ...


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Fast charging over 10,000 cycles: Harvard engineers’ solid-state battery technology points to a leap in performance and reliability

Startup granted technology license from Harvard to scale innovative lithium-metal battery technology for commercial deployment


Harvard’s Office of Technology Development has granted an exclusive technology license to Adden Energy, Inc., a startup developing innovative solid-state battery systems for use in future electric vehicles (EVs) that would fully charge in minutes. Adden Energy has closed a seed round with $5.15M ...


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Brushing thin films onto electrodes preserves batteries

A bit of brushing may be the secret to making better rechargeable lithium batteries


The Rice University lab of chemistJames Tourintroduced a technique to tune the surface of anodes for batteries by simply brushing powders into them. The powder adheres to the anode and becomes a thin, lithiated coating that effectively prevents the formation ofdamaging dendrites. A powder of ...


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Machine learning algorithm predicts how to get the most out of electric vehicle batteries

The researchers are now working with battery manufacturers to accelerate the development of safer, longer lasting next-generation batteries


Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that could help reduce charging times and prolong battery life in electric vehicles by predicting how different driving patterns affect battery performance, improving safety and reliability. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, ...


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A new concept for low-cost batteries

The new technology is already the basis for a new spinoff company


As the world builds out ever larger installations of wind and solar power systems, the need is growing fast for economical, large-scale backup systems to provide power when the sun is down and the air is calm. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are still too expensive for most such applications, and ...


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Researchers discover innovative approach to make novel lithium-ion battery materials

Electrochemically induced amorphous-to-rock-salt phase transformation in niobium oxide electrode for Li-ion batteries


Researchers at Boise State University have developed a new approach to making novel lithium-ion battery materials. Starting from an amorphous, i.e., a material lacking long-range order, niobium oxide, the team discovered that the very act of cycling the material with lithium induces a ...


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Researchers invent self-charging, ultra-thin device that generates electricity from air moisture

This rechargeable fabric-like ‘battery’ provides higher electrical output than a conventional AA battery


Imagine being able to generate electricity by harnessing moisture in the air around you with just everyday items like sea salt and a piece of fabric, or even powering everyday electronics with a non-toxic battery that is as thin as paper. A team of researchers from the National University of ...


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