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Future Insight Prize of € 1 Million Awarded to Tobias Erb

Prizewinner from the Max Planck Institute in Marburg, Germany is working on capturing carbon dioxide and converting it into new chemical building blocks using biocatalysts


Merck announced the winner of the 2022 Future Insight Prize in the category of “Energy”. The €1million prize was awarded at the “Curious2022 – Future Insight” scientific conference in Darmstadt, Germany, to Professor Tobias Erb (43), Director at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial ...


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Two-dimensional ionic liquids to effectively capture carbon dioxide


In the context of global concern about climate change and greenhouse gas control, a new technology for CO2 capture, utilization, and storage has attracted broad attention. Ionic liquids, composed of only cations and anions, are considered a new type of CO2 adsorbent due to their ultralow vapor ...


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Caught in the act: Key chemical intermediates in pollutant-to-fuel reaction identified

Such work will help convert an atmospheric pollutant into fuel for vehicles, and chemical feedstocks for industry


Researchers from the University of Tsukuba and collaborating partners experimentally measured hydrogenation of metal-adsorbed formate. This development will facilitate practical conversion of carbon dioxide pollutant into methanol fuel. Carbon dioxide pollution continues to change the global ...


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Novel catalyst radically enhances rate of conversion of CO₂ into solar fuels


Carbon dioxide or CO2 can potentially be used as a feedstock to be converted into carbon-neutral ‘solar fuels’ that store energy from the sun. But for them to be competitive with fossil fuels, the chemical reaction that performs this conversion needs much more efficient catalysts. Researchers ...


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Climate protection: CO₂ turned into methanol

TU Wien has developed a chemical process that uses special catalysts to turn climate-damaging carbon dioxide into valuable methanol


For reasons of climate protection, carbon dioxide must not be released into the atmosphere. Wherever the formation of carbon dioxide cannot be prevented, it should be captured and converted into other substances. The best possible solution is creating substances that have value and can be sold. A ...


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Scientists solve mystery about catalysis for green production of methanol from carbon dioxide

Live view into methanol synthesis


An international research team led by researchers of Stockholm University has for the first time been able to study the surface of a copper-zinc catalyst when carbon dioxide is reduced to methanol. The results – obtained at DESY´s brilliant light source PETRAIII – are published in the scientific ...


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Hybrid electro-biosystem upcycles carbon dioxide into energy-rich long-chain compounds

Upcycling CO₂ via electrochemical and metabolic engineering


Artificial upcycling of carbon dioxide (CO2) into value-added products in a sustainable manner represents an opportunity to tackle environmental issues and realize a circular economy. However, compared with facilely available C1/C2 products, efficient and sustainable synthesis of energy-rich ...


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Treated plastic waste good at grabbing carbon dioxide

Rice University lab turns hard-to-process trash into carbon-capture master


Here’s another thing to do with that mountain of used plastic: make it soak up excess carbon dioxide. What seems like a win-win for a pair of pressing environmental problems describes a Rice University lab’s newly discovered chemical technique to turn waste plastic into an effective carbon ...


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The platinum riddle

How a chemical reaction takes place that, at first glance, should not be possible at the temperatures observed


What happens when a cat climbs onto a sunflower? The sunflower is unstable, will quickly bend, and the cat will fall to the ground. However, if the cat only needs a quick boost to catch a bird from there, then the sunflower can act as a "metastable intermediate step". This is essentially the ...


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Microalgae-based conversion of carbon dioxide to biofuels

Scientists explore a genetic sensor of blue light to double oil productivity in industrial microalgae


Microalgae, algae that cannot be seen by the naked eye, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oils that can be used as biofuels. These biofuels, which can be carbon negative, offer promise as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. However, the biological processes that allow these microalgae to ...


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