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Super-strong, high-tech material found to be toxic to aquatic animals

Carbon nanotubes hold promise for industry but need monitoring, say researchers


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are some of the strongest materials on Earth and are used to strengthen composite materials, such as those used in high-performance tennis rackets. CNTs have potential uses in everything from medicine to electronics to construction. However, CNTs are not without risks. A ...


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Using graphene, scientists develop a less toxic way to rust-proof steel

Nontoxic composite under development at UB could replace commonly used toxic coatings


University at Buffalo researchers are making significant progress on rust-proofing steel using a graphene-based composite that could serve as a nontoxic alternative to coatings that contain hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen. In the scientists' first experiments, pieces of steel coated ...


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Plastics in electrical waste: Disposal or recycling?


Electrical and electronic appliances are not only made from metallic materials, but also consist of up to more than 20% of plastics in average. These are found, for example, in casings or in base materials for circuit boards. No simple task for recycling companies, which find themselves ...


ECHA launches a six-month public consultation on the proposed restriction of chromium VI in leather articles


The Danish authorities submitted a report proposing a restriction on the placing on the market of leather articles containing chromium VI in concentrations above a certain limit that come into direct and prolonged or repetitive contact with the skin. Chromium VI is known to cause severe allergic ...


Hydrogen causes metal to break


Hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future. Yet this lightest of the chemical elements can embrittle the metals used in vehicle engineering. The result: components suddenly malfunction and break. A new special laboratory is aiding researchers’ search for hydrogen-compatible metals. Most ...


Graphene oxide gets green

Rice researchers show environmentally friendly ways to make it in bulk, break it down


"We can make you and we can break you." If Rice University scientists wrote country songs, their ode to graphene oxide would start something like that. But this song wouldn't break anybody's heart. A new paper from the lab of Rice chemist James Tour demonstrates an environmentally friendly way ...


Chemist monitors nanotechnology's environmental impact


Interest in 'green' innovation means not just thinking big but also very, very, very small. At least that's the way Omowunmi Sadik, director of Binghamton University's Center for Advanced Sensors and Environmental Systems, sees it. She's working to develop sensors that would detect and identify ...


Eurofins Adds Chemical Safety Testing for Leather in China according to EU and US regulations


Eurofins Scientific announced the addition of leather testing to its range of services offered from its state-of-the-art laboratory in Shenzhen, China. The way that leather is produced and the wide range of products that incorporate leather means that compliance with a range of regulations in ...


Lonza streamlines its operations in chemical manufacturing

Closure of Riverside, Shawinigan and Wokingham sites


End of October 2009 Lonza Group Ltd announced its intention to adjust the organization to the more volatile market environment, to reduce fixed cost in the range of CHF 60-80 million in the next 18-24 months and to review the detailed business unit strategies. The economic pressures of the past ...


MIT replaces chrome coatings with safer metal alloys


Ever since the 1940s, chrome has been used to add a protective coating and shiny luster to a wide range of metal products, from bathroom fixtures to car bumpers. Chrome adds beauty and durability, but those features come at a heavy cost. Though it's cheap to produce and harmless to consumers, ...


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