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Breaking the bond: To take part or not?


Physicists working with Roland Wester at the University of Innsbruck have investigated if and how chemical reactions can be influenced by targeted vibrational excitation of the reactants. They were able to demonstrate that excitation with a laser beam does not affect the efficiency of a chemical ...


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A new method for synthesizing a promising magnetic material


Scientists from Siberian Federal University (SFU) together with their colleagues from the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences and Kirensky Institute of Physics of Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences used a new method ...


Lab scientists discover five new nuclei


Lawrence Livermore scientists, in conjunction with international researchers, have discovered five new atomic nuclei to be added the chart of nuclides. The study, conducted this fall, focuses on developing new methods of synthesis for super heavy elements. The newly discovered, exotic nuclei are ...


Exchange rate behaves like particles in a molecular fluid


When scientists observe minute particles like nanoparticles or bacteria in fluid under a microscope, they don't see a motionless image. What they do see are particles making the tiniest irregular twitches not unlike the nervous ups-and-downs of market prices and exchange rates. These two forms of ...


Bayer Passes First REACH Milestone

Registration of Large-Volume Chemicals Completed on Time


Bayer has successfully completed the registration of 125 large-volume chemicals under the European Union’s REACH Regulation by the specified deadline of December 1, 2010. According to European law, this is an essential requirement for the continued production and marketing of these products. More ...


Arkema successfully finalizes its first REACH Registration phase


November 30th 2010 marks the completion of the initial phase in the REACH registration process. Arkema, through its highly dedicated teams, has registered 140 substances on time with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The November 30th 2010 deadline, marking the registration of substances ...


Brenntag with continued strong growth

Profit after tax more than doubled to EUR 43.3 million


Brenntag again reports strong growth. In the third quarter of 2010 Brenntag’s sales increased by 25.4 % to EUR 2.02 billion (Q3 2009: EUR 1.61 billion). For the same period, the key performance indicator gross profit reached EUR 429.7 million (Q3 2009: EUR 373.7 million), which corresponds to a ...


Beiersdorf: Focus in America pays off

tesa records sales growth of 15.6%


The Beiersdorf Group recorded organic sales growth of 4.0% in the first nine months of 2010. At current exchange rates, Group sales were up by as much as 8.1% on the previous year, at €4,704 million (previous year: €4,352 million). The operating result (EBIT) increased to €552 million (previous ...


Yara reports strong results as margins and volumes improve


Yara International ASA reports strong results for third quarter 2010 as fertilizer margin improvement and higher sales volumes more than offset increased energy costs. Third-quarter net income after non-controlling interests was NOK 1,927 million (NOK 6.68 per share), compared with NOK 349 ...


Can you analyze me now? Cell phones bring spectroscopy to the classroom


University of Illinois chemistry professor Alexander Scheeline wants to see high school students using their cell phones in class. Not for texting or surfing the Web, but as an analytical chemistry instrument. Scheeline developed a method using a few basic, inexpensive supplies and a digital ...


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