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Reactor made of Gold Tubes

Gold nanotubes in polycarbonate films for the investigation of catalytic reactions at gas-liquid phase boundaries


Fuel cells require hydrogen. Unfortunately, hydrogen produced by standard processes contains large amounts of carbon monoxide (CO), which has a negative effect on the function of the fuel cell and must be removed. Research has shown that gold nanoparticles on a support with a large surface ...


Nanophase Announces Commercial Availability of Novel New Nanomaterials


Nanophase Technologies Corporation, a technology leader in nanomaterials and nanoengineered products, announced commercial availability of a new class of cerium-based oxide nanomaterials from the Company's patented NanoArc(TM) technology. The new nanomaterials, termed HSA nanoproducts, are ...


Degussa places priority on the innovative characteristics of plastics

New Functional Polymers project house has taken up business


Heat-reflecting windows based on functional polymers to shut out the heat in summer and keep it indoors in winter; ultra-light high-refraction spectacle lenses that even people with extremely poor vision find pleasant to wear - such promising characteristics are to come true with the help of ...


Air Products and Nanotechnologies, Inc. announce joint development and equity investment agreement


Nanotechnologies Inc. announced today that it has closed a strategic round of funding, led by an equity investment from and joint development agreements with Air Products & Chemicals. The company's previous investors, Techxas Ventures, Castletop Capital, Harris & Harris Group, Inc., Eyes of Texas ...


Making Nanodots Useful for Chemistry


Nanosized clusters of germanium that can be reacted chemically to make useful materials, such as plastics, have been made by chemists at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and UC Davis. Nanoparticles, just a few atoms in size, can have different properties from bulk materials because of ...


Air Products and Nanotechnologies, Inc. announce joint development and equity investment agreement


Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. and Nanotechnologies, Inc., a technology leader in high-performance nanoparticles, today announced a joint development agreement and an equity investment, made by Air Products in Nanotechnologies, to allow for exclusive commercial development efforts in select ...


Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials


Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials, the internal start-up, will now produce and market the nanomaterials developed by the project house, thereby opening up new business segments in attractive markets. The first products Degussa Advanced Nanomaterials will bring on the market in the near term are ...


Fungi as Builders for Nanomaterials

Controlled assembly of highly ordered structures of gold nanoparticles along growing fungal hyphae


Materials scientists have always had a strong fascination for -- and a desire to imitate -- biological systems, with their amazing variety of complicated, yet highly ordered, structures. But now it is no longer just a matter of copying -- researchers are trying to incorporate microorganisms such ...


Molecular Capsules transport pigments and active agents

Polysiloxane nanoparticles with a core and shell reveal promising applications


We know them from cosmetics ads. liposomes are little balls of fat that carry their cargo deep into the inner layers of skin. Aside from liposomes, there are a number of other nanoscopic capsule systems for vastly different applications. Chemists at the University of Mainz have now developed a ...


Millennium Chemicals Expands Nano-Particle TiO2 Capacity at Thann, France Facility


PARIS, FRANCE, HUNT VALLEY, MD and RED BANK, NJ, USA, February 11, 2002 -- Millennium Chemicals "Millennium" has announced a 200% increase in ultrafine, nano-particle TiO2 production capacity at its Thann, France facility. This expansion creates capacity for existing and new products for the ...


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