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Oxford Instruments announces major technology licensing deal with GE Healthcare

Result will be powerful new tool for in vitro molecular analysis


Oxford Instruments Superconductivity (OIS) announced an agreement whereby GE Healthcare will exclusively licence in vitro rights to its proprietary dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) technology to OIS for the creation of the world's first DNP Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrument. DNP-NMR ...


Varian, Inc. Invests in Chenomx, Inc.


Varian, Inc. and Chenomx, Inc. announced that Varian, Inc. has made a strategic equity investment in Chenomx, Inc., a privately held company that is a leader in the rapidly growing field of metabolic profiling. Chenomx's "Eclipse" bioprofiling software can be used with data acquired from Varian, ...


Chenomx, Inc. and Varian, Inc. Form Distribution Relationship For 'Eclipse' Metabolite-Profiling Software


Varian, Inc. and Chenomx, Inc., a leader in the rapidly growing field of metabolic profiling, announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement to market Chenomx's "Eclipse" bioprofiling software, which can be used with data acquired from Varian, Inc. 400 MHz - 700 MHz NMR ...


900MHz NMR magnet technology in Japan


Two of the world's most powerful NMR magnets have now been successfully installed at state-of-the-art NMR facilities in Japan. These are the latest 900MHz NMR superconducting magnets in its manufacturing pipeline that Oxford Instruments Superconductivity has shipped, installed and brought to ...


Accelrys announces the release of software für efficient processing and analysis of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)


San Diego, CA, Accelrys Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmacopeia, Inc., announces the release of FELIX Desktop 2002, the new PC version of FELIX. FELIX is a widely used software package for off-line data processing, spectral visualization and analysis software for all types of high ...


Varian, Inc.'s New LC-NMR-MS System Helps Pharmaceutical Researchers Develop Safer, More Effective Drugs

Instrument Critical for Increasingly Important Field of "Metabonomics"


PALO ALTO, Calif., Varian, Inc. today introduced its LC-NMR-MS system, a new integrated scientific instrument geared for the latest challenges facing drug discovery and development laboratories. Combining three Varian core technologies -- liquid chromatography (LC), nuclear magnetic resonance ...


Varian, Inc., and Oxford Instruments Open Life Sciences Lab Housing World's Most Powerful NMR Spectrometer


The world's most powerful instrument used for determining the structure, function and dynamics of large bio-molecules is now providing life scientists with information considered vital to the basic understanding of protein and nucleic acid function and to the discovery of new ...


Brain Imaging System Starts Operation At UC Berkeley


Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARI) announced today that its 4-Tesla MRI imaging system for research on the human brain is now operating at the University of California, Berkeley. The Varian system is part of the university's Henry H. Wheeler, Jr. Brain ...


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