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New method for producing synthetic DNA

Chemically synthesized short DNA sequences are extremely important ingredients with countless uses


The DNA sequences produced are also called oligonucleotides. These are widely used for disease identification, for the manufacture of oligonucleotide-based drugs, and for several other medical and biotechnological applications. The high demand for oligonucleotides therefore requires an efficient ...


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How to use antibodies to control chemical reactions

Researchers developed a strategy to synthesize functional molecules with specific diagnostic antibodies


Antibodies are remarkable biomarkers: they are the cues that provide us with indications about many diseases and how our immune system counter them. Now a group of scientists from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata (Italy) has found a way to repurpose them so that they can trigger a specific ...


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Potential 'missing link' in chemistry that led to life on earth found


Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have found a compound that may have been a crucial factor in the origins of life on Earth. Origins-of-life researchers have hypothesized that a chemical reaction called phosphorylation may have been crucial for the assembly of three key ...


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Luminous bacterial proteins detect chemicals in water


While residual medications don’t belong in the water, trace metals from industrial process waters handled by the recycling industry are, in contrast, valuable resources. Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) have developed a simple color sensor principle which facilitates ...


Professor Hagan Bayley named Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the Year 2008


Professor Hagan Bayley, Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford, was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The award recognises Professor Bayley’s excellence in science and contribution to British industry. He is the founder of Oxford Nanopore ...


Sigma-Genosys Enters Agreement With Novatia


Sigma-Genosys, a division of Sigma-Aldrich has incorporated into its quality control (QC) lab an LC-MS system from Novatia. The system improves the molecular weight determination of larger synthetic oligonucleotides (>50 bases) as well as synthetic peptides. Novatia specializes in developing an ...


Strategic Analysis of the World Oligonucleotides Markets

Innovation Integral to Increased Adoption of Oligonucleotide Technologies


London, UK. Poised on the brink of phenomenal growth, the oligonucleotides market offers a plethora of opportunities to the enterprising investor. Recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan ( estimates that the total global market for oligonucleotides is likely to grow from ...


DuPont-led Scientists Unveil Key Nanotechnology Discovery with Use of DNA

Sorting Carbon Nanotubes Provides Significant Step in Advancing Nano- Electronics Applications


A collaborative group of DuPont-led scientists have discovered an innovative way to advance electronics applications through the use of DNA that sorts carbon nanotubes. This research in the emerging field of nanotechnology appears in the current issue of the journal Science, which is published ...


TOPIGEN Pharmaceuticals Inc. signs development and manufacturing agreement with The Dow Chemical Company


TOPIGEN Pharmaceuticals Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company recently signed a joint agreement for Dowpharma, Dow's pharmaceutical manufacturing services business unit, to supply select, proprietary oligonucleotides to TOPIGEN. TOPIGEN's pharmaceutical development program, based primarily on a ...


Proligo Licensed to Manufacture and Market Oligos Labeled with Beckman Coulter WellRED Dyes


Boulder Oct. 15, 2002 - Proligo(R) and Beckman Coulter, Inc. announced today a worldwide supply and license agreement by which Proligo will manufacture and sell oligonucleotides labeled with Beckman Coulter WellRED Dyes, D2-PA, D3-PA, D4-PA. These new oligos will run on Beckman Coulter's ...


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