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Chemists develop new reagent for deelectronation

The reagent provides access to the class of clustered transition metal carbonyl cations


Chemists from Freiburg have succeeded in converting polynuclear transition metal carbonyls into their homoleptic complex cations using typical inorganic oxidants. In their work, the research team of Malte Sellin, Christian Friedmann and Prof. Dr. Ingo Krossing from the Institute of Inorganic and ...


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A new catalyst for oil and gas processing


A team of scientists from the Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC) of RUDN University together with colleagues from major scientific centers created a new catalyst - a substance that activates oxidation processes in low-reactive components of oil and gas. The new method of hydrocarbon processing ...


Vanadium as a useful catalyst for hydrogenation


Just as Cinderella turned from a poor teenager into a magnificent princess with the aid of a little magic, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have transformed a common metal into a useful catalyst for a wide class of reactions, a role formerly reserved for ...


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Clue for efficient usage of low-cost nickel catalysts


A group of researchers at Osaka University developed a method of the consecutive formation of bonds of two butadiene, alkyl groups, and benzene rings by using a cheap nickel catalyst. Using this technique, it has become possible to synthesize high-value terminal olefin by using cheap ...


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Mix and match MOF


Inexpensive materials called MOFs pull gases out of air or other mixed gas streams, but fail to do so with oxygen. Now, a team has overcome this limitation by creating a composite of a MOF and a helper molecule in which the two work in concert to separate oxygen from other gases simply and ...


Melanie Sanford from the University of Michigan receives BASF Catalysis Award 2009


Scientists are not usually known by their nicknames. Melanie Sanford, Professor at the University of Michigan, is an exception to that rule: Her commitment to new catalytic reactions for cleaner systems and greener processes in chemistry and her new approaches to molecule-building through ...


Iron Complex with a Killer Instinct

Iron-containing nucleoside analogs kill tumor cells - organometallic compounds as a new class of drugs


German researchers have successfully developed a new class of cytostatics that drive cancer cells to programmed suicide (apoptosis): iron-containing nucleoside analogs. With their discovery, the team led by Hans-Günther Schmalz (University of Cologne), Thomas Wieder (University of Tübingen), ...


DuPont Scientists to Unveil `Greener' Process to Reduce Waste


WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 5 - Dr. Mas Subramanian and Dr. Leo E. Manzer, two of the world's foremost industrial scientists in materials chemistry and process development, will have their scientific paper, "A `Greener' Synthetic Route for Fluoroaromatics Via Copper Fluoride," featured in the Sept. 6 ...


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