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Humboldt Foundation cooperates with Bayer Foundation

Three million EUR for new Humboldt-Bayer Research Fellowships


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Bayer Science & Education Foundation will soon be awarding joint research fellowships. Until 2018, the Bayer Foundation will be making around three million EUR available to fund approximately ten Humboldt-Bayer Research Fellowships annually. The ...


Award for a brilliant copper trick

Polish-American polymer scientist Krzysztof Matyjaszewski receives the €10,000 Gutenberg Lecture Award of the Graduate School of Materials Science in Mainz (MAINZ)


The 2010 Gutenberg Lecture Award was today bestowed upon the Polish-American scientist Professor Dr Krzysztof Matyjaszewski for his ground-breaking developments in polymer production and processing. Matyjaszewski is one of the world’s most highly regarded chemists. He both teaches and pursues ...


Euro Chlor appoints new Regulatory Affairs and Science Directors


Euro Chlor, representing the European Chlor-Alkali industry, has appointed two new Directors. Mrs. Véronique Garny takes over Regulatory Affairs from Arseen Seys, who retired on 31 December 2009. Dolf Van Wijk is the new Science Director. Dr. Arseen Seys, Deputy Executive Director of Euro Chlor, ...


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Tiny whispering gallery

A sensor can detect a single nanoparticle and take its measurement


Nanotechnology has already made it to the shelves of your local pharmacy and grocery: nanoparticles are found in anti-odor socks, makeup, makeup remover, sunscreen, anti-graffiti paint, home pregnancy tests, plastic beer bottles, anti-bacterial doorknobs, plastic bags for storing vegetables, and ...


New silver nanoparticle skin gel for healing burns


Scientists in India are reporting successful laboratory tests of a new and potentially safer alternative to silver-based gels applied to the skin of burn patients to treat infections. With names like silver sulfadiazine and silver nitrate, these germ-fighters save lives and speed healing. The ...


Change in the Tecan Board of Directors

Board of Directors Chairman Mike Baronian will not stand for re-election at the ordinary Annual General Meeting 2009


Change in the Board of Directors of Tecan: in line with a periodic renewal, the Tecan Board of Directors proposes to the ordinary Annual General Meeting on 22 April 2009 Heinrich Fischer, Gérard Vaillant, Prof. Dr. Peter Ryser und Dr. Jürg Meier for re-election and Rolf A. Classon, Dr. Lukas ...


Miniaturizing memory: Taking data storage to the molecular level


Computers are getting smaller and smaller. And as hand-held devices — from mobile phones and cameras to music players and laptops — get more powerful, the race is on to develop memory formats that can satisfy the ever-growing demand for information storage on tiny formats. Researchers at The ...


IMS HEALTH Forecasts 4.5 - 5.5 Percent Growth for Global Pharmaceutical Market in 2009, Exceeding $820 Billion


The global pharmaceutical market is expected to grow 4.5 - 5.5 percent next year, a pace similar to 2008, according to the IMS Global Pharmaceutical and Therapy Forecast™ released by IMS Health. The forecast predicts global pharmaceutical sales to surpass $820 billion in 2009, reflecting ...


Cooperation Makes Microreactor Technology Accessible to Fine-Chemistry and Pharmacy


The Dutch companies Micronit Microfluidics, FutureChemistry and Flowid announced the start of a cooperation named Access2Flow. Together, the three companies will offer a new generation of microreactor systems that enable chemists to quickly and safely perform fluid reactions on an industrial ...


BASF appoints Folker Ruchatz as head of its global custom synthesis business


Effective January 2008 Dr. Folker Ruchatz has been given global responsibility for the custom synthesis business within BASF's business unit Pharma Ingredients & Services. He has also been appointed managing director of BASF Orgamol Pharma Solutions SA. The company manufactures active ingredients ...


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