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Companies in the plastics industry are cautiously optimistic about the future

The exploding prices of raw materials and the shortage of materials due to the chaos in logistics are of great concern.


The plastics industry has recovered from the consequences of the pandemic faster than originally hoped. Companies expect this positive trend to continue. But the mood in the industry is clouded, because: Exploding raw material prices, dramatic material shortages as well as supply bottlenecks due ...


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European plastics companies withstand Covid-19 in H1

Many expect better business performance in the second half-year


To gain insight into the European plastics industry’s business performance and outlook, PIE – Plastics Information Europe conducted its half-year readers survey from 15 June to 17 July 2020. Across regions and plastics sectors, a surprising number of companies showed economic resilience to the ...


LyondellBasell takes leadership role in global effort to end plastic waste

LyondellBasell, Proctor & Gamble and Veolia to lead global alliance


LyondellBasell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world announced CEO Bob Patel has joined with Proctor & Gamble CEO David Taylor and Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot in leading the newly announced global Alliance to End Plastic Waste(AEPW). The AEPW is the first-ever ...


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A path to sustainable and biodegradable polyesters


There's a good chance you've touched something made out of the polyolefin polymer today. It's often used in polyethylene products like plastic bags or polypropylene products like diapers. As useful as polyolefins are in society, they continue to multiply as trash in the environment. Scientists ...


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Microplastics: Rhine one of the most polluted rivers worldwide

Between Basel and Rotterdam, the Rhine has one of the highest microplastics pollution so far


Tiny plastic particles smaller than five millimeters, so-called microplastics, are found in almost all waterbodies these days. They occur as intermediate products in plastic production or as pellets for cleansing and care products or result from fragmentation of plastic debris. They are released ...


What your candles and TV screen have in common


The next time you light a candle and switch on your television ready for a relaxing evening at home, just think. These two vastly different products have much more in common than you might imagine! Research recently carried out by Professor Tanja Schilling and associates, Muhammad Anwar and ...


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New Technology: Sewage Waste to Become Plastic

A pioneering innovation will enable turning municipal sewage sludge into raw materials


A pioneering, ground breaking innovation will enable turning municipal sewage sludge into raw materials, to be used by paper and plastic industries around the world.The technology developed by Applied Cleantech will enable turning the solids in municipal sewage systems into raw materials for the ...


CIM midsummer survey: Global chemicals industry continues to be optimistic


Despite current economic slow-down, the majority of companies declare themselves willing to employ more people and increase investment. Even though the Ceresana Industry Monitor (CIM) is exhibiting worsened values for expectations, it continues at positive levels of 8.3 points. On the whole, ...


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