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Mechanism of oxidative unzipping of multiwall carbon nanotubes to graphene nanoribbons


Graphene, a two-dimensional lattice of carbon atoms, has attracted enormous interest from a broad base of the research community for more than one decade. Graphene nanoribbons (GNRs), narrow strips of graphene, being quasi one-dimensional, possess complementary features relative to their ...


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Combating sulphuric acid corrosion at wastewater plants

Microbial induced concrete corrosion causes massive damage to wastewater plants


Wastewater systems are integral to infrastructure in every community. In an ideal world, they operate smoothly and are long-lasting. But biogenic transformation processes in sewage and water treatment systems are a “natural enemy” of conventional plants, frequently causing damage to concrete and ...


Hybrid electrolyte enhances supercapacitance in vertical graphene nanosheets


Supercapacitors can store more energy than and are preferable to batteries because they are able to charge faster, mainly due to the vertical graphene nanosheets (VGNs) that are larger and positioned closer together. VGNs are 3-D networks of carbon nanomaterial that grow in rows of vertical ...


New hydronium-ion battery presents opportunity for more sustainable energy storage


A new type of battery developed by scientists at Oregon State University shows promise for sustainable, high-power energy storage. It's the world's first battery to use only hydronium ions as the charge carrier. The new battery provides an additional option for researchers, particularly in the ...


Achieving better and cheaper biodiesel


Is there any connection between wine and biodiesel? The answer is yes, however surprising it may seem. Acetals are chemical compounds found in many wines, like port, for example, which give it a unique, sweet smell. However if acetals are blended with biodiesel, they improve its properties. The ...


CU-Boulder-led team discovers new atmospheric compound tied to climate change, human health

New chemical pathway for the formation of sulfuric acid a big surprise, say researchers


An international research team led by the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Helsinki has discovered a surprising new chemical compound in Earth's atmosphere that reacts with sulfur dioxide to form sulfuric acid, which is known to have significant impacts on climate and ...


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Cloud research at extreme altitudes

Scientists succeed in the world's first aerosol particle sampling from polar stratospheric clouds for a better understanding of ozone depletion


Polar stratospheric clouds are crucially involved in the formation of the ozone hole. In order to explore their development, measurements at extreme altitudes are needed. This is what researchers from Mainz and Darmstadt have performed last December over northern Sweden. At 20 kilometers altitude ...


Nuclear fission in the kitchen


With an ambitious hobby project a Swedish man drew attention on himself: He wanted to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. "Not to gain electricity, just for fun and to see if it's possible to split atoms at home," as he writes in his blog about his project. The attempt to blend americium, ...


DuPont Expands Sustainable Solutions Capabilities and Emerging Markets Reach by Signing Agreement to Acquire MECS


DuPont signed a definitive agreement to acquire MECS Inc. advancing the company’s capabilities to deliver sustainable solutions and further expand its reach in emerging markets. The acquisition will expand the DuPont clean technologies portfolio with complementary science-based offerings and ...


Construction of the first AVENEER MMA production plant slated for 2014


Like the traditional ACH sulfo process, AVENEER® is based on the starting materials ammonia, methane, acetone, and methanol. It dispenses, however, with the sulfuric acid that is normally used. Just recently, Evonik Industries demonstrated its process engineering expertise in optimizing ...


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