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Terahertz light from superconducting stripes

Scientists discover anomalous emission of terahertz radiation from copper oxides in which superconductivity coexists with charge-stripe order


Why do some materials carry electrical currents without any resistance only when cooled to near absolute zero while others do so at comparatively high temperatures? This key question continues to vex scientists studying the phenomenon of superconductivity. Now a team of researchers from Andrea ...


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Titanium hosts record high superconductivity for elements superconductors

Titanium breaks record of Tc for element superconductors


Element superconductors are important either for superconducting mechanism studies or for potential applications because of the single composition. However element superconductor (SC) usually show very low transition temperature (Tc) typically below 10K. Recently Prof. Changqing Jin’s team at ...


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Premiere for superconducting diode without external magnetic field

Promising material graphene


Superconductors are the key to lossless current flow. However, the realization of superconducting diodes has only recently become an important topic of fundamental research. An international research team involving the theoretical physicist Mathias Scheurer from the University of Innsbruck have ...


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Low pressure, high stakes: UNLV physicists make major gains in race for room-temperature superconductivity

Newly published research builds on team’s landmark 2020 discovery of a room-temperature superconductor by replicating results with even greater efficiency


Less than two years after shocking the science world with the discovery of a material capable of room-temperature superconductivity, a team of UNLV physicists has upped the ante once again by reproducing the feat at the lowest pressure ever recorded. In other words, science is closer than ...


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Study finds nickelate superconductors are intrinsically magnetic

Waves of magnetic excitation sweep through this exciting new material whether it’s in superconducting mode or not


Electrons find each other repulsive. Nothing personal – it’s just that their negative charges repel each other. So getting them to pair up and travel together, like they do in superconducting materials, requires a little nudge. In old-school superconductors, which were discovered in 1911 and ...


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A new leap in understanding nickel oxide superconductors


A new study shows that nickel oxide superconductors, which conduct electricity with no loss athigher temperatures than conventional superconductors do, contain a type of quantum matter called charge density waves, or CDWs, that can accompany superconductivity. The presence of CDWs shows that ...


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Glimpse inside a graphene sandwich

In the search for novel types of superconductors scientists are investigating materials that consist of multiple layers


A team led by theoretical physicist Mathias Scheurer from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, has studied in detail the properties of a system of three twisted graphene layers and gained important insights into its properties. Since the first successful fabrication of a two-dimensional ...


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Moments of silence point the way towards better superconductors

Temporal patterns could show us how to reduce noise in superconductor devices


High-precision measurements have provided important clues about processes that impair the efficiency of superconductors. Future work building on this research could offer improvements in a range of superconductor devices, such quantum computers and sensitive particle detectors. Superconductivity ...


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The superconducting diode

Scientists explore electronic circuits without heat dissipation


When you hold a smartphone in your hand or put your hand to the back of a desktop PC, you can feel it: electronic calculations inevitably generate heat. A team of scientists led by Professor Christoph Strunk und Dr. Nicola Paradiso from the Institute for Experimental and Applied Physics at the ...


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Superconductivity: New tricks for finding better materials

Nickelates are a new promising material for future superconductivity technologies: Scientists have now succeeded in explaining their electronic structure.


Even after more than 30 years of research, high-temperature superconductivity is still one of the great unsolved mysteries of materials physics. The exact mechanism that causes certain materials to still conduct electric current without any resistance even at relatively high temperatures is still ...


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