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Metallic Stearates Price Increase at Chemtura


Chemtura Corporation announced a price increase for these metallic stearates, effective November 15, 2005 or as contracts permit: Basic Calcium and Zinc stearates will be increased by $0.04 per pound. CaSt Kosher/Food Grade/NF grade, ZnSt Kosher/USP, as well as all other metallic stearates will ...


Empils has appointed a new Industrial Coatings Business Development Director


Marat Gudanaev, who occupied a position of Empils' Logistics Director earlier, has been appointed Industrial Coatings Business Development Director. New appointment is made while re-structuring business of the leading manufacturer of paint and varnish in the post-Soviet space. In June 2005 ...


Great Lakes Increases Prices for Clear Brine Fluids


Great Lakes Chemical Corporation announced it will increase list prices in all regions for calcium bromide, zinc bromide/calcium bromide solution, sodium bromide, sodium bromide dry and calcium bromide dry for shipments beginning July 1, 2005, or as contracts allow. The new list prices per pound ...


On the Sunny Side: New photocatalyst for hydrogen generation works by irradiation with visible light


Making energy useable is a central problem of our civilization. Couldn't we simply imitate green plants and use photosynthesis to transform light into chemical energy? In principle, we could: hydrogen can be catalytically released from water to drive fuel cells that produce electricity. In ...


An Exceptionally Effective Lead-Detection Protein

Results may inspire new treatments for lead poisoning


Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory and the University of Chicago have discovered that a member of a well-known protein family is better at detecting lead than any other known substance. Learning more about the protein's structure and lead-detection ...


Nested metal-organic frameworks as possible novel hydrogen storage materials


The success of hydrogen technology for driving vehicles depends on the storage of hydrogen, for which a truly satisfying solution has yet to be found. A team of scientists from the University of North Carolina and the United States Department of Energy has now developed a metal-organic ...


Emerson wins $4 million contract to automate mineral extraction process at new Boliden plant in Norway


Emerson Process Management, a business of Emerson announced that it has won a $4 million contract to automate the modernization and expansion of the zinc extraction process for Boliden Odda AS, a major zinc producer and refiner in Norway. Engineering is under way, and start-up is complete in the ...


A new method for coating individual luminous nanocrystals (quantum dots) with silicon dioxide


Great things are expected from quantum dots: they are supposed to mark tumors, help improve large flat-screens, and be the foundation for the optical data processing of the future. Quantum dots are nanoscopic crystals, which are so small that their optoelectronic properties resemble those of ...


GLCC Laurel Increases Smoke Suppressant And Specialty Flame Retardant Prices


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA-GLCC Laurel, LLC today announced that the company will increase the global price for its smoke suppressant and specialty flame retardants product lines, where contracts allow, for shipments after September 15, 2004. The price will increase $.10 per lb. for zinc borate and ...


Cognis announces sale of PVC Stabilizers segment


Cognis continues to streamline its product portfolio: the global specialty chemicals supplier today announced the sale of its PVC Stabilizers business, a segment of the Plastics Technology business unit. The buyer is a consortium comprising Reagens SpA of Bologna, Italy, and Singapore-based Sun ...


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