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Newsletter No. 41, October 2019
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Top News
Researchers synthesize 'impossible' superconductor
Researchers from the U.S., Russia, and China have bent the rules of classical chemistry and synthesized a "forbidden" compound of cerium and hydrogen -- CeH9 -- which exhibits superconductivity ...
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Irspirit Series: Little Footprint and High Possibilities
Ultra-Small Footprint Meets Exceptional Ease Of-Use and Functionality
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Customized Spectroscopy Apps for Analyzing Raman and Infrared Spectra
Increase sample throughput, avoid errors and save time and money
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3D Raman Imaging Microscope: High Resolution & Correlative Nanoanalysis
High-Performance Raman Spectroscopy from WITec Enables Imaging with Exceptional Sensitivity
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VIS Measurement for Routine Applications, Such as Wastewater Analysis
Smart VIS Spectrophotometry with the New Spectroquant Prove 100
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UV/VIS Measurement for Complex Analyses, Such as Process Water Testing
Powerful UV/VIS Spectrophotometry with the New Spectroquant Prove 600
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Mini-Spectrometers - From the smallest component to the dedicated measurement system
Hamamatsu’s spectroscopy solutions
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Quantaurus Series – Compact Instruments for Measuring Properties of Photoluminescent Materials
Fast, easy measurement of the fluorescence lifetime and quantum yield of photoluminescent materials
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Shimadzu's New UV-1900 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Offers the Industry's Fastest Level Scan Function and LabSolutions UV-Vis Control Software
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Combine microscopy and chemical analysis: the automated FTIR-Microscope LUMOS
A stand-alone FT-IR microscope with full automation
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Complete, Portable Raman Spectrometer for Applications with Extremely Weak Signals
B&W Tek’s I-Raman Pro Features Integrated Computing Power and Cooling down to -25 °C
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Comparing ICP-OES Analyzers' Plasma Views: Axial, Radial, Dual, MultiView, and New Dual Side-On Interface
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Which ICP-OES Optical Technology Offers Superior Performance: Echelle or ORCA?
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Affordable and Quick Identification and Quantification with NIR Analytics
Finder SD with Scanning-Grating-Technology and Validated Pharmaceutical or Individual Library
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ATR-FTIR & Raman Spectra of New Psychoactive Substances
Fast and reliable identification of new psychoactive substances
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Spectra and more for your analytical lab!
Spectra libraries and accessories for the analytical lab.
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Raman Microspectroscopy with Automatic Focus Tracking to Save You Time and Effort
A confocal Raman microscope suitable for samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces
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Top News
Graphene is on track to deliver on its promises
Graphene is light, flexible, conductive, and one of the strongest materials in the world. And it is right on track to deliver on its promises - the ...
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Determining the activity of noble-metal-free catalyst particles
Noble-metal-free nanoparticles could serve as catalysts for the production of hydrogen from water. Because they are so small, their properties are ...
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Old materials in a new design
Researchers present useful ideas for 3D printing
Plastic could soon be saying goodbye to its bad reputation. A working group headed by Professor Rolf Mülhaupt at the Freiburg Materialforschungszentrum ( ...
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Material Scientist wins European Science Slam Championship
Aniruddha Dutta, doctoral student at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, wins championship in Vienna
Aniruddha Dutta, doctoral student at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) in Düsseldorf and acting German science slam champion 2018/19, has ...
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Eco-friendly electrochemical catalysts using solar cells to harvest energy from the sun
A research team from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and Kanazawa University develops an eco-friendly device that uses solar energy to catalyze ...
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The fast dance of electron spins
Chemists investigate the interactions of metal complexes and light
Metal complexes show a fascinating behavior in their interactions with light, which for example is utilized in organic light emitting diodes, solar cells, ...
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Tetravinylallene, a small but powerful molecule, has been synthesized for the first time
Strained, Symmetric, and New
Many natural compounds used in medicine have complex molecular architectures that are difficult to recreate in the lab. Help could come from a small ...
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BASF to expand integrated ethylene oxide and derivatives complex at its Verbund site in Antwerp
In line with its customer-focused corporate strategy, BASF will expand the capacity of ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide derivatives at its Verbund site in ...
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Top News
Chemicals for pharmaceuticals could be made cheaper and greener by new catalysts
High value chemicals used to make pharmaceuticals could be made much cheaper and quicker thanks to a series of new catalysts made by scientists at the ...
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Merck Completes Acquisition of Versum Materials
Merck announced the closing of the transaction to acquire Versum Materials, Inc. for approximately € 5.8 billion. The business combination is expected to ...
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BASF invests in Quantafuel to jointly drive chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste
BASF SE is to invest €20 million into Quantafuel, a specialist for pyrolysis of mixed plastic waste and purification of pyrolysis oil, headquartered in ...
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WACKER Launches Production of Pyrogenic Silica in the US
The Munich-based WACKER Group officially brought a plant for manufacturing pyrogenic silica on stream at its US site in Charleston, Tennessee. The facility ...
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Bruker Announces Acquisition of Magnettech's EPR Business
Bruker and Freiberg Instruments Establish Related EPR Supply Partnership
Bruker announced the acquisition of the Magnettech EPR business from Freiberg Instruments GmbH, and the establishment of a related, long-term EPR supply ...
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Molecular motors: Rotation on an eight-shaped path
Chemical engineers have developed the first molecular motor that enables an eight-shaped movement
Molecular motors convert externally supplied energy into directional motions and are thus an important basis for future applications in nanotechnology. The ...
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Italmatch Chemicals Group acquires Water Science Technologies
Italmatch Chemicals announced that it has acquired Water Science Technologies (WST), a leading blender and chemical solutions provider for the North ...
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Product of the week
Widest Variety of Filter Paper Products for Laboratory and Process
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Scroll, swipe, touch: Operate this analytical balance like a tablet, even with gloves on
Learn how a huge display makes your weighing processes easier and more convenient
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Particle Size Distribution and Stability analyses: Absolutely Exact Results with Dynamic Light Scattering
Fast Measurements, New Analysis Functions, Easy to Use
>  more
Motor-driven metering pumps with multi-layer safety diaphragm
The new Sigma X family – reliable, smart and with scope for networking
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Ocean Insight Lab Services
World-class experts, facilities and advanced computing working to answer your toughest questions
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Real-Time Characterization of Particles and Dispersions in Micro and Nano Range in Colani Design
Particle Size Distribution, Density, Magnetophoretic Velocity, Hansen Parameters, Real-Time Stability
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The VICI Jour Catalog - Accessories for (U)HPLC and Liquid Handling
Capillaries, Tubing, Fittings, Filters, Safety-Products, Tools and much more
>  more
Shodex catalog 2018 - 2019
RP, NP, GPC, GFC (SEC), IC, IEX, Chiral and Affinity-Chromatography
>  more
Easily Determine the N Content of Solid and Liquid Samples in Just 3 Minutes Using the Dumas Method
Precise, Cost-Effective DUMATHERM Technology – a Success Story from C. Gerhardt
>  more
A Safe Reliable Alternative to N2 Cylinder and Dewars for Your LC/MS
The Mistral EVO Range of Generators Provide a Reliable Source of Nitrogen at the Touch of a Button
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Bettersizer S3 Plus - Particle Size and Shape Analysis from 10 nm to 3500 µm
Static light scattering combined with dynamic image analysis
>  more
Fast Sensory Odour Analysis Using Flash Gas Chromatography
The electronic nose HERACLES NEO
>  more
LabWare LIMS and ELN
>  more
Revolution: Solvent Extraction in Less Than 5 Minutes
Fast Alternative to Ase, Soxhlet and Classical Extraction Methods with Lower Solvent Consumption
>  more
ERAFLASH Flash Point Tester
Unmatched Performance with Maximum Safety
>  more
The Perfect Solution for Every TOC-Analysis: multi N/C
TC, TOC, TIC, NPOC, NPOC plus, POC, and TNb – All Methods with One Click
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White papers
Field-Flow Fractionation: A Powerful Technology for the Separation and Advanced Characterization
– of Proteins, Antibodies, Viruses, Polymers and Nano-/Microparticles
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You’re using surfactants like Triton X-100? The REACH clock is ticking …
Download information to see your options, including suggested alternatives to NPEs and OPEs
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How to Save 80% Costs of Continuous Small Molecule and Biomolecule Purification
Simulated moving bed chromatography (SMBC) for higher productivity and significantly lower costs
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Abbott Informatics Germany GmbH
document management systems
electronic laboratory notebooks
laboratory software
laboratory information management systems
quality management software
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Michell Instruments GmbH
humidity sensors
moisture meters
dew point
calibration services
hydrocarbon dew point analyzers
sampling systems
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DWK Life Sciences GmbH
laboratory glassware
laboratory glass bottles
volumetric flasks
pasteur pipettes
cell culture flasks
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Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG
level gauges
density meters
belt weighers
moisture measurement
level measurement
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