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April 15 2021 | view in browser
Glass injection molding
Researchers succeed in producing rapid, cost-effective and environmentally friendly material
Glass is ubiquitous, from high-tech products in the fields of optics, telecommunications, chemistry and medicine to everyday objects such as bottles and windows. However, shaping glass is mainly ...
The indestructible light beam
Researchers create special light waves that can penetrate even opaque materials as if the material was not even there ...
On our way to "green" flow batteries
"Our goal is to develop environmentally friendly and highly efficient flow batteries based on iron" ...
A Molecule That Responds to Light
A novel Light-Spin Interface with Europium(III) Molecule Advances Development of Quantum Computers ...
Chemists create renewable plant-based polymers
What makes them different is that they can be easily recycled ...
Finalists of the ACHEMA Start-up Award selected
Ten start-ups have made it to the finals of the ACHEMA Start-Up Award. The range of technologies is as broad as the topical range of the process industry and ...
Optically Active Defects Improve Carbon Nanotubes
Scientists achieve defect control with a new reaction pathway ...
Science publication
Customized ligands pave the way for new reaction pathways
A catalyst with high selectivity for converting organolithium compounds ...
FFF-MALS system for separation and characterization of macromolecules and nanoparticles
The latest and most innovative FFF system designed for highest usability, robustness and data quality ...
TLC / HPTLC and Gel Electrophoresis Vizualiser
Digital photograph acquisition system under visible light,

UV 254 nm or UV 366 nm
Separate Molecules Continuously Using SMB Chromatography
Perfect Separation Conditions, Unmodified Sample Material and Low Costs ...
Automatic Instrument Qualification by AIQ-Tool Software – Manufacturer Independent, Reliable, Easy
Highest Data Integrity According to USP <1058> and ALCOA ...
Non-Contact Color Measurement of Large, Irregularly Shaped Samples within Seconds
Fast and accurate color measurement results of heavily textured and non-uniform samples ...
Neoma™ Multicollector ICP-MS - Technology that transforms your science
Delivers all the advantages of high-precision isotope ratio analysis, with none of the limitations ...
Results in less than 30 seconds: The fastest oxygen electrode on the market
Determine dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions with precision – on site, without the need for chemicals ...
Be Prepared to Detect Nothing
Ensure Thorough, Residue-Free Cleaning with Biodegradable Extran® Detergents ...
Lab Reactors for Chemical Synthesis
Replace common round bottom flasks with modern and digital reactor systems ...
Raise Your Labs iQ
Powerful, Flexible LC Integration with Intuitive, Intelligent MS detection ...
Increase Your Lab Efficiency, Not Your Investment
Acquire the Latest Technology with Payment Plans ...
Sealless Technology Unlimited by HERMETIC -
Canned Motor Pumps, Magnetically Coupled Pumps, Vacuumpumps and -Systems ...
Analysis of particle size and particle shape in laboratory and process from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm
Fast, reproducible and comparable measuring results with dynamic image analysis ...
Microspectrometer as Small as Your Fingertip
Hamamatsu’s spectroscopy solutions ...
New Fingertight Fitting for UHPLC: Easy to Use and for Applications up to 1000 Bar
Made from Superior PEEK-HT™ for Use in (U)HPLC ...
Integrated Water Purification System Delivering Type 1 and Type 2 Water Direct from Tap Water
A purification solution designed to exceed your most demanding expectations. ...
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