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February 2 2023 | view in browser
Chemistry under sheer force
How to trigger chemical reaction without the use of solvent
Bottle, glass tube and solvent, those are what we usually find in a chemistry lab or industry. Chemistry using solvents, or liquid based materials is the traditional way of synthesis. Although it is ...
Novel technique developed to obtain key chemical industry input without emitting CO₂
Researchers make peroxide from oxygen, using photocatalysis to control the process ...
Exceptional painting - exceptional lead binding
Micro and macro X-ray analysis detects lead formate in Rembrandt's Night Watch ...
Change at the top of Analytik Jena
Ulrich Krauss charts new course ...
Superconductivity switches on and off in “magic-angle” graphene
Slim steel - strong and safe
A material made from a few readily available components is very strong in tension and is nevertheless highly formable ...
Jun Kawakami Succeeds Toshiyuki Ikeda as Rigaku CEO
Unilever appoints Hein Schumacher as new CEO
Mystery of two-dimensional quasicrystal formation from metal oxides solved
"We are excited to learn whether this special arrangement will produce completely new and useful properties" ...
Be a Pioneer – the Freedom to Explore Ion Chromatography
A new highly-configurable IC system ...
FT-NIR Process Monitoring: Keeping an eye on your process
Measure key process parameters for real-time reaction monitoring and control ...
Tritec-Chromatographic Refrigerators for ÄKta Systems (HPLC Systems)
Fully automated Kjeldahl analyser with advanced digital capabilities
Accurate results with fast turnaround time and easy data handling ...
Pipettes, Tips, Service
Superior Products for Peak Performance - from METTLER TOLEDO Rainin ...
It’s time for a new era in flash point testing
Standard-compliant analysis with the new Pensky-Martens flash point tester ...
Customized Spectroscopy Apps for Analyzing Raman and Infrared Spectra
Increase sample throughput, avoid errors and save time and money ...
The next generation of online TOC analytics
State-of-the-art online TOC analysis enables safe water monitoring with low maintenance costs ...
Optical Particle Sizing System from 1nm - 400µm
Optical particle measurement for laboratory and process control ...
White papers
The method of total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis
How does TXRF work? ...
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