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May 12 2022 | view in browser
Researchers now able to predict battery lifetimes with machine learning
Technique could reduce costs of battery development
Imagine a psychic telling your parents, on the day you were born, how long you would live. A similar experience is possible for battery chemists who are using new computational models to calculate ...
Bright, stable, and easy to recycle lighting
Low-cost blue and white light emitting electrochemical cells developed ...
Scientists solve mystery about catalysis for green production of methanol from carbon dioxide
Live view into methanol synthesis ...
Bruker and TOFWERK Form Strategic Partnership
On-line chemical ionization techniques for high sensitivity and in situ small molecule detection for stationary and mobile analysis ...
Count 'n' Size Nano- and Microparticles with LUMiSpoc

The LUMiSpoc® is a highly advanced single particle analysis system, similar to a flow cytometer, that measures particle size distribution and particle concentration of nano- and microparticles in suspensions and emulsions with an unparalleled resolution and dynamic range.

Use it for adjuvants, CMP slurries, parental nutrition, pigments, polymers, Titania, in filter and membrane testing and ...

SQM and LG Energy Solution sign an agreement to promote added value and technology in lithium
A chemical reactor has been invented that can store energy without loss for months
The energy can then be used for heating in winter ...
Step toward a Circular Economy?
Catalytic deconstruction of PET with zirconium metal–organic framework ...
A new method for exploring the nano-world
A large step forward in the characterization of nanoparticles: One possible application of this technique may be to identify illnesses ...
Eppendorf increases 2021 revenue to €1.1 billion
Positive trends in all market regions and product groups ...
Bayer: Very good start to the year – strong sales and earnings growth
Outlook for 2022 confirmed – confident about the full year despite uncertainty due to global crises ...
Nitrous oxide - anything but inert
Synthesis of phenols with nitrous oxide ...
Science publication
Effective drug navigation in sepsis
Cell type specific nanoparticles as carriers can bypass side effects ...
UV/Vis spectrometers: 215 products, over 50 manufacturers
Spectroscopy is one of the largest market segments within analytics, and there’s many different instrument types. This diversity was reason enough for us to create a separate market overview for UV/Vis spectrometers, in addition to the NIR spectrometer overview. It’s where Analytik Jena, Biochrom, Macherey Nagel, Shimadzu and 47 other suppliers present their systems. Take a look!
To the UV/Vis spectrometer market overview
LANEXO™ System a smart digital solution with RFID labels for a more productive laboratory
Designed for highly-regulated analytical and research laboratories ...
Orbitrap Exploris GC-MS simplifies operations and offers new opportunities for analytical testing
Keep pace with changing demands, maximize system uptime, and expand laboratory capability. ...
Quick check of your pipette in less than 60 seconds
So that you can rely on your pipetting results ...
This MALS detector for (U)HPLC and SEC loves details – analyze macromolecules from 2 to 50 nm
Green light in multi-angle light scattering for highly sensitive measurement of molecular weight and size ...
Find particles automatically, classify them precisely and identify them easily with Raman microscopy
Accelerated and extremely precise analysis of microplastics, pharmaceutics and foods or beverages ...
Anopore inorganic membranes
The aluminum oxide filter membrane that can increase the purity or yield of your analyte ...
Single & Multi-Channel Potentiostats for Simple and Demanding Electrochemical Measurements
An all-round solution that impresses with its accuracy and excellent reproducibility ...
Versatile tensiometer helps you to better understand your interfaces
Surface and interfacial tension, CMC, and adhesion force per area – measured with only one device ...
The Analyzer 4 You - novAA 800-Series
The reliable all-rounder, making routine analysis efficient and cost-effective ...
Inline & Atline MRS Spectrometer for Determination of Product Properties within a Few Seconds
It determines fat, protein and dry matter content in milk and dairy products ...
New Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris Mass Spectrometry Systems
Your fast-track to confident results: Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris product family expanded ...
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