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July 29 2021 | view in browser
Artificial intelligence: Swarm learning decodes biomolecules
They are often referred to as the "building blocks of life": Biomolecules. To understand and use their function in the body, one must know their structure. A complex and sometimes imprecise matter. ...
The memory of folds
What happens when soft materials are compressed strongly? ...
Tweezers of sound can pick objects up without physical contact
Hemispherical array of ultrasound transducers lifts objects off reflective surfaces ...
Random effects make it difficult to optimise antibiotic therapy
Research team from the Kiel Evolution Center investigates the role of a reduction in bacterial population size and resulting random effects in the evolution of antibiotic resistance ...
Resource-efficient and cost-effective wear-resistant coatings thanks to new hybrid coating process
Hardness increases of up to 30 percent ...
New US and German collaboration aims to produce green hydrogen more efficiently
Award Announcement ...
Surrey builds AI to find anti-ageing chemical compounds
The University of Surrey has built an artificial intelligence (AI) model that identifies chemical compounds that promote healthy ageing - paving the way ...
Science publication
Chip-based tissue and organ systems for personalized medicine ...
Nitrogen determination with the Dumas method
DUMATHERM – the nitrogen analyser for high-throughput laboratories ...
Versatile and High-pure Nebulizer for ICP-MS Ultra-trace Analysis
Stay on the Safe Side by Using the PFA260 Nebulizer ...
Single Device for Multi-Analyte Measurements in a Single Sample
Optical pH & Oxygen & Temperature Meter ...
This MALS detector for (U)HPLC and SEC loves details – analyze macromolecules from 2 to 50 nm
Green light in multi-angle light scattering for highly sensitive measurement of molecular weight and size ...
FIA System for Automated Water Analysis
Devices Used in Environmental, Water, and Food Analysis ...
3D Raman microscopes with unequalled speed, sensitivity and resolution
Visualize and characterize every chemical detail ...
Thin Layer Chromatography Derivatization System
Optimal Staining Development of TLC/HPTLC Plates ...
Find, Identify and Classify Microparticles Faster with Raman Imaging Spectroscopy
24 Minutes
White papers
Theory and practice of conductivity measurement
Calibration, checking and setting the cell constant, conductivity measurement, analytical quality assurance ...
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