Chromimage®Scanner (UV/Visible)

Digitization and quantitation in Thin Layer Chromatography

The Chromimage® Documentation scanner is a flatbed scanner equipped with a dual lamp - 254nm UV and visible lamp - and driven by a digitizing software. This UV scanner is used to perform quality control analysis (TLC technique), or to digitize any work material that contains substances detectable only under 254nm UV (papers, electrophoresis plate, TLC plates and sheets, etc.).

Chromimage® Documentation scanner enables to visualize on a computer screen the substances detected by UV and to record/print TLC images directly for analytical data reporting.

Data management of TLC analysis becomes easy and user-friendly in the laboratory:

  • Visualization of TLC images or any work material detectable under 254nm UV and/or visible light
  • Image Recording in .Jpg, .Tiff, .Bitmap, .Pdf, .Eps, .Html. formats
  • Maximum scanning area: 210x297mm, with customized frames of 100x100mm, 100x200mm and 200x200mm.

An optional function of the Chromimage® is the quantitative analysis of TLC chromatograms. This combination is the coupling of the UV scanner Chromimage® Documentation with a plug-in software named Galaxie®-TLC. Chromimage® Quantidoc package offers the same functions as any chromatographic software (for e.g. like a HPLC software), but for TLC analysis.

  • Chromatograms calculations
  • Peak integration and identification (manual/automatic)
  • Calibration curves (linear, quadratic, cubic)
  • Data report edition into Excel or Word formats
  • Review, approve and lock records using electronic signatures (CFR 21 part 11)
  • Protection of data access

All accuracy (comparison with known values), precision (repeatability), linearity, and sensitivity values obtained with the Chromimage® Quantidoc for the visible and UV mode analyses are consistent with recognized validation guidelines for pharmaceutical analysis by TLC.

When it comes to work on TLC images taken with another apparatus than the Chromimage® scanner, we recommend you to use the software ChromEasy. This solution offers fast and convenient treatment of chromatograms on TLC plates:

  • Quantitative analysis on TLC plates in minutes
  • Work on images taken under visible, 254nm UV modes (.Jpg, .Tiff, .Bitmap)
  • Compare chromatograms from any TLC image in 3D graph
  • Storage of projects 
  • Data report edition with Excel

Industries and universities could not replace thin-layer chromatography technique with any other one, for their identification and quantitative analytical issues. Actually, the ability to visualize the presence of substances on TLC plate remains a reliable and reproducible technique, with cost-effectiveness and fast treatment as a bonus!

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